Friday, August 13, 2010

August in the Garden

I'm sick of the cold and am hanging out for Spring.  Despite being a freckled, red-head I love the warmer weather.  I've just joined Diggers and have purchased some more seeds in anticipation.  I'm going to have a go at getting a head start and try to grow from seeds indoors.  This will be a first for me.  I'm new to veggie growing and mostly I've been getting seedlings. But I'm itching to grow some of the heritage seeds I've discovered and it'll be much cheaper this way.  Although my first attempt seems to have failed.  I planted some Diggers seeds of 5 colour silverbeet in an egg carton and popped it on the kitchen windowsill.  Nothing's happened!  I think I may have let it dry out.  I'll give it a couple more days and have another try.  

This month in the veggie garden I've...
  • made a potato bed and planted potato tubers.  This is a first for me - we'll see how we go.
  • planted spring onion seeds in a pot near the kids' slide
  • planted Diggers seeds of 5 colour silverbeet in an egg carton on the windowsill.  
  • put out some extra mulch on the patches
  • manured the veggie patches I'm not yet using in anticipation of Spring
  • planted some capsicum and eggplant seeds to try raising indoors
  • started digging up the bamboo roots in preparation for chickens (actually I set Monkey Man onto that task!)
garlic, leeks & silverbeet, pot of lettuce

Still growing well are:
  • garlic in a big pot and in a little patch near the herbs
  • leeks
  • silverbeet 
  • a pot of lettuce grown from seed 
  • broad beans 
  • snow peas - just started flowering
  • beetroot

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