Sunday, August 8, 2010


This winter we've got an abundant crop on our two lemon trees.  I haven't done anything much to look after them - a bit of rooster booster last year and the grey water from the kids' baths over summer.  I've been told they need to be pruned to let some air and sun in and they have quite a few lumps and bumps from citrus gall wasp.  I'll get around to it!  For now they're working for us providing Monkey Man with his daily dose of lemon in tea and the occasional recipe that requires a lemon.  I thought I'd have a go at preserving lemons.  I've never even eaten preserved lemons but reckon I'd use them in some couscous, veggie dishes.  So I've consulted some recipe books and here's what I did.

Preserved Lemons 
•  Lemons (enough to fit in a 1 litre jar - approx 11)
•  coarse salt / rock salt 
•  1 cinnamon stick (broken into pieces)
•  3 cloves
•  1 bay leaf

Scrub the lemons.  Cut the lemons almost through to the stem and then pack the flesh surfaces well with salt.  Leave them in a bowl overnight to remove the juices.  

The next day, sterilise the jar.  I do this in the oven - preheat to 160º.  Place clean, rinsed jar still wet on baking try for 10 minutes.  Squash the lemons into the jar interspersed with pieces of torn bay leaf, cloves and cinnamon.  Cover with the lemon juice, seal and leave in a cool place for 4 - 6 weeks. 

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