Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Preparing for Chickens Part 2...

We had a lovely sunny day on the weekend and spent most of Sunday outside.  I persuaded Monkey Man to make a start on the proposed chicken corner.   This involves digging up the bamboo roots.  It's a shocker of a job!  Eldest Monkey Boy was keen to help - especially as it entailed using a big dangerous tool.  The axe!  I can be a bit over-protective at times and had to bite my tongue.  I think I only mentioned blood, hospital and fingerless about five times.  Anyway, eldest Monkey Boy chopped up a few bamboo sticks while Littlest Monkey helped for about 5 seconds and then went to bounce on the trampoline.

Monkey Man worked for what seemed like the whole day and managed to dig up 1/3 of the area.  And here's the pile of roots we made just from this section.

 I think this is going to be a long process.  Advice to everyone - don't ever plant non-clumping bamboo!

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