Thursday, October 14, 2010

Littlest Monkey and Snow Peas

Littlest Monkey picking snow peas for lunch.
Snow peas with black sesame seeds and a salad roll up.
My snow peas are just about coming to an end.  Little Monkey Boy loves snow peas which is a relief because it is tricky trying to find vegetables he won't turn his nose up at.  This week he picked some for his lunch.  I convinced him to try something new.  I cooked them quickly in a little olive oil and with some black sesame seeds I'd bought for a bargain a couple of months ago in Footscray.  Then I added a splash of tamari at the end.  When he saw them he started whining.  Fortunately, I tricked him into trying one by asking if I could have a taste  because they look so delicious and those black sesame seeds look just like ants etc, etc.  When he tasted one his face broke into a surprised smile and he said "they taste like unhealthy food!" He then started yum, yumming his way through the plate.  Hmmm it's clear I'm doing something wrong - Little Monkey associates yummy food with unhealthy food!

And introducing...
NutriNic - My sister the dietitian.
She has been coerced into making an occasional comment on my blog.  So thanks sis!  It's handy having health professionals in the family.  Her husband is a dentist so I make sure I corner both of them at family functions for free professional advice on all things food and teeth!  Strangely, the professional expertise of Monkey Man and myself are rarely called on in the same way.  Not much demand for the opinions of a drama teacher and musician! 

 NutriNic says about snow peas...
"Snow peas contain many of the B Group vitamins and Vit C. These nutritents can be lost in boiling so to get the most from your snow peas enjoy them raw, steamed or quickly stir-fried."


  1. What a great way to get him to eat the peas by saying the seeds look like ants. they look delcious, snow peas are my favourties.

  2. I love this post! I just took over my son's pre-school garden plot. Snow Peas would be fun and easy for the kids to grow.

    Love the shots of your little monkey! And food looks yummy!


  3. What we mothers do to trick our children to eat healthy food. I trick my son to eat peas and he loves it now so much. To make him eat his meal I have to put peas in together with his food so he will quickly finish his meal. Now that pea season is almost at the end in our place too, I have to introduce new veggies for hime. Another trick again I have to think about.

  4. I love your pea tripod/stand, it makes the garden look really serious. Now I'm being distracted by the photo of potato and leek soup I can see out of the corner of my eye, I think you may have solved my dinner dilemma!

  5. Your cute little confused boy. Yummy = unhealthy. :) Thanks to your sister's reminder. I shall eat something raw today....perhaps everyday.


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