Monday, October 11, 2010

Things that have been Munched.

Something has been munching my passionfruit vine.
Sometimes I only notice the things going wrong in the garden.  Despite having a work free day and it being a glorious, sunny morning, I've woken in a bit of a snip!  My lemongrass went brown almost as soon as it was planted months ago and it hasn't bothered me too much - until this morning.  And that's because I noticed the coriander seedlings had disappeared overnight and all that was left was the silver of a snail trail.  And my attention turned immediately to the nearby passionfruit vines that have been languishing for weeks.  I don't know what's going wrong with them.  Clearly something has been having a good old munch.  One vine has completely yellowed and the leaves are all dead.  There is still green in the stems but I don't hold out much hope.  I've been nurturing these vines for two years and I am so disappointed.  I gave them a good feed of seasol a couple of weeks ago but it hasn't helped.  I just hope I don't lose the other two vines which are also looking unwell. 

I gave the veggies a good water and fortunately was distracted from the garden failures by the wisteria which is currently a mass of gorgeous blue and lilac and white flowers.  A month or so ago I was stressing out about the wisteria and the damage it was causing the back fence.   Wielding a saw I came storming into the house and warned Monkey Man that it was the wisteria or the fence - something had to go.  (Must've woken in a snip that morning too!)  Monkey Man persuaded me to leave it be and that he was keeping it under control.  His idea of control is to snip a twig that dangles too close to the compost every now and then.  Anyway, I took a few deep breaths and tried not to worry about it.  Today it is looking magnificent and if I just admire the beauty of the flowers I am less distracted by the problems beneath.   I can barely see the poor, struggling fence wobbling under the weight of wisteria with nails popping from the vines that have been worming their way through the palings and are growing fatter by the minute.


  1. I have been in this house for less than a year and there is a wisteria on a small back deck where I would never have planted one. I have been threatening to pull it out because I know it can cause problems...not just to fences but houses!. However its beauty has saved it for the time being. I am sure (?) I can control it. I can, can't I?

  2. Hi Hazel. I'm no expert but someone at a nursery told me that wisteria should only be planted on really strong structures. It's such a vigorous, fast growing plant. It tendrils creep between the fence palings without us even noticing and before we know it the branches are as thick as an arm and the palings come off. It is beautiful though. Good luck with yours!

  3. Wow, that Wisteria is just beautiful... could you compromise and have the wisteria act as the fence?!

  4. Hmmm... I don't think so!! For now it stays.

  5. I have passionfruit nibblers too- I realise I wrote about it just over a year ago!
    I suspect earwigs and am drenching the plant in "Poss-off" and "Beat-a-bug" which are stinky deterrents. It is such a shame as I am sure otherwise my passionfruit has everything going for it. :(

  6. Ah yes it could be earwigs. They are in a spot where I had an earwig problem last year. Haven't seen much around this year though. Since I wrote this post the other two vines seem to have picked up and I noticed the one that looked dead is not - there is still one arm going strong so there's hope.


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