Friday, November 26, 2010

Diary of an Expectant Mum - Part 1

Day 18, Monday:  I've worn a path on the floor to the incubator with my constant checking, worrying and excitement these past few days.  This morning I made a mistake.  I'd read to put damp paper towel under the eggs when you fill up the trays to increase the humidity for hatching time.  But this caused problems.  I suspect there wasn't enough air flow because I'd blocked it with the paper.  The paper also sucked up the humidity and dried quickly.  The temperature dropped and I had trouble getting it back up.  So, now I've removed it and things are back on track but I'm filled with anxiety that they've cooled down too much.

Day 20, Wednesday 
11.20am: Monkey Man thinks I'm bonkers.  He came home as little monkey and I were standing at the incubator and cheeping like baby chooks.  (This despite the fact that I'm losing my voice again and have to teach three drama classes this afternoon.)  But if we look closely the eggs start to wobble and rock when we cheep!  Very exciting.  Must go and do some work and clean the house and prepare dinner and lots of other stuff but will just go look at that movement again.
11.00pm:  Nothing more has happened.  Maybe tonight.

Day 21, Thursday - Hatching Day:
7.00am:  Little Monkeys raced to their viewing chairs at the incubator.  If you look closely you can see two teeny tiny cracks in two of the eggs.  Some little beaks have been chipping away overnight.  Eldest Monkey Boy is concerned that he'll miss all the action today at school but I have a feeling this is going to be a long slow wait.
10.30am:  No progress.  Am fielding text messages from friends wanting updates and promising to let them know when they can bring their kids over for a viewing.
5.20pm:  Nothing!  Well not exactly nothing but it's taking soooo long.  Sometimes we can hear faint cheeping.  We have two eggs with little holes, one egg with a reasonable sized crack and one that is rocking about.   I bet all the action happens tonight or tomorrow when I'm at work.
6.10pm:  Our first black chick born witnessed by Littlest Monkey and myself.  Aaaw how cute.
10.00pm:  Just settling in for the show with a cup of tea.  One of the eggs has a pretty big hole shouldn't be long when... POWER FAILURE!!!  Panic.  I don't remember the last time we had a power failure couldn't have chosen a worse moment.   Luckily next door's lights were on.  I raced over and explained my predicament.  We hooked up a long extension lead and plugged the incubator back on.   All pretty quiet and still in there.  Nervous there's been major damage.  Power returns a few minutes later and chick starts to cheep and wriggle a bit.  Heart starts beating normally again.
11.30pm:  Second black baby silkie hatched.  Off to bed now they are friends.

Day 22:  Friday
6.30am:  Eldest Monkey woke us up with the news that there were three black chicks in the incubator.
9.00am:  They're all in the brooder box.  Chirruping away.  Hopefully some more will hatch today.  Other eggs are cracked so maybe.  Off to work.


  1. Congratulations Mummy! Black chicks how cute. My hen is still sitting.

  2. Look at that face on Monkey Boy, don't ya just love it. It's the face of a little boy enjoying the moment, one of those special memories. Check out my pics of my grandsons holding the new chicks too. Your doing something right for sure Honey

  3. Yay! congratulations. Very exciting stuff. Look forward to seeing your babies grow up!

  4. What a wonderful experience for those little monkeys! thanks for sharing!

  5. Congratulations on your new babies!! I got another hatching of ducks yesterday.

  6. This is so exciting. Congratulations. Your little monkeys are so lucky to experience such a wonder.

  7. Thanks for all your good wishes everyone.


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