Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flatbread with Silverbeet and Bocconcini

I haven't been harvesting much from the garden at the moment apart from herbs and the ever reliable silverbeet.  There's plenty of newly planted stuff though and it looks like lots of broad beans will be ready soon.  So today, here's another recipe I made using silverbeet and mint from the garden.  Littlest Monkey Boy was very hungry and that might have had an effect on why he loved this meal even though it was green.  In fact he usually would put up a protest and refuse to even try it or pick off all the green and just eat the bread.  But he ate the lot.  He said in a surprised voice: "I thought it would taste yucky but it's yummy ... it doesn't look yummy though."

Flat Bread with Silverbeet & Bocconcini
•  about 4 cups of chopped silverbeet with stems and middles removed
•  1 onion thinly sliced
•  1 cup of bocconcini shredded
•  12 or so leaves of torn mint
•  1 tbs olive oil
•  flat turkish bread
•  salt and pepper to taste

In a large saucepan boil some water.  Drop in the chopped silverbeet and bring to boil again.  Remove to a colander, run under cold water and then squeeze dry in a clean tea towel.  In a frypan slowly cook onion in the olive oil on very low stirring occasionally until golden brown.  Add the mint and chopped silverbeet stirring until combined.  Add the shredded bocconcini.  Heat the turkish bread in a dry frypan or under the grill.  Slice the bread in half and fill with the silverbeet mixture.  Season to taste.


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