Saturday, November 27, 2010

Here They Are.

Eight healthy silkie chicks.  Four white, three black and one brown.  
One last egg is still in the incubator.  I don't hold out much hope for it but can't yet bear to give it up.  The last chick was hatched this morning with a little help from me.  I know you're not supposed to help them along but she'd been struggling for too long and I think the humidity in the incubator wasn't high enough.  Here's a good link for advice on helping the chick along. After hatching she (they're all being called she) wasn't too happy about being alone in the incubator for a few hours to to fuzz up so Little Monkey shared one of his favourite soft toys which did the trick.  She happily cuddled up to it and went to sleep.
Here they are in the brooder box.  It's just an ordinary plastic box lined with newspaper and wood shavings.  We've got a red lamp in there which apparently helps them sleep and not get too cranky.  I've put a spoonful of sugar in their water to give them a kick start and some chick crumble.  Chicks easily drown so I've turned a cup upside down in their water.
Eldest Monkey Boy is happy to sit watching and cuddling individual chicks for long periods of time.  They are very cute and funny to watch.  Littlest Monkey doesn't have as much interest.  But he did make a hen house from cardboard boxes and this little paper chick to go in it.


  1. They are wonderful - I might give it a go!

  2. I'm in love. They are so beautiful. We bought our chookies as 20 week old pullets and missed their chickenhood.

  3. Aww they are so sweet! I tried to comment on your other post, but for some reason your comment box and my computer dislike each other and I lost it.

    I loved that you lost power!!! Lol, I'm sure it wasn't fun at the time, but it makes a great story :)

    Congratulations mum!

  4. Precious precious little ones. Your monkey too! Sweet photos. Lovely blog and life you share. Glad to have connected!

  5. Oh shoot...I missed the big day (it's been a big holiday week here)! Congratulations! Your silkies look soooo adorable! I bet they're already growing fast!


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