Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Fishies

Here are the Monkeys adding fish to our pond.  We let it settle for a couple of weeks before purchasing some fish.  I chose Murray-Darling Rainbow Fish 'cos they're native and apparently will leave  tadpoles alone.  The pond had already attracted lots of mosquito wrigglers (or "Wiggles" as Littlest Monkey called them).  Littlest Monkey and I went hunting around the garden for some more rocks and a log which we put in the pond to offer some hidey holes for the fish.  Littlest Monkey let them acclimatise to the water for 30 minutes and then when Eldest Monkey Boy came home from school, they were set loose.  These fish are small and silver and impossible to see now that they're there.  Monkey Man reckons I'm dreaming if I think frogs are going to jump their way to our pond in inner Melbourne.  I have my doubts too but I like to dream so we'll see. 


  1. Do the fish grow bigger or will they always be tiny? I like the idea of fish that don't eat tadpoles.

  2. They grow to about 8cm. When I was doing some research I read that Pacific Blue-Eyes were also more likely to leave tadpoles alone.


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