Thursday, November 4, 2010


Weedy, uncared for pond site - before.
I'd been thinking for a year or so that I'd make a pond out near the fernery at our back window.  I'm the type to think and read and plan for ages without actually doing.  Then one day that's it - it'll have to be done in an instant.  And I get very impatient if I can't finish the job straight away.  Makes it very frustrating when living with a Monkey Man who starts a job and nearly finishes it and then leaves it for MONTHS and MONTHS and sometimes YEARS (plastering the extension, finishing the bathroom, putting up the architraves...)  Yep, we live in an unfinished renovation.  Monkey Man is very handy but very busy and likes to do everything himself.

Anyway, I was hoping to make the pond using recycled materials - the kids old clamshell sandpit and some black plastic Monkey Man has down the side.  Unfortunately, the sandpit cracked while attempting to squish it into the hole we'd dug and the black plastic was full of holes.  Monkey Man tried to convince me that the holes would be fine with a bit of gaffer tape!!!!  Needless to say I ended up buying some pond liner and will re-think a use for the old sandpit. 

Monkey Man's not too happy about digging in the rain.

Monkey Man had a gig in Albury for the weekend so I managed to guilt him into doing a bit more digging for me before he left ... in the rain!  But then it really rained and I had to put a stop to my weekend gardening plans and watched as the hole filled with water before I was ready.  But I've finally finished.  The water tanks were still overflowing even after filling the pond.  I've added a few plants and we had lots of rocks lying around the place.  After a week or so I'll go with the kids and find a couple of fish.  I've read that native crimson-spotted rainbow fish are the go because they eat mosquito wrigglers but don't go so much for the tadpoles.

So here's the finished pond.   It looks better in the photo than in real life unfortunately!  I still need to add quite a few more plants to grow over the black plastic bits that are visible.  But it'll do.  Nothing fancy, no pumps or fountains or cascading bits but maybe enough to attract a frog or two and some water for the birds and insects.
Finished pond.


  1. Oh lovely - I have always wanted a pond! Yours looks great - I am sure the little monkeys will enjoy feeding the fish!

  2. Great job. I am going to extend a puddle I have in the front yard some time in the future. I too am a planner, planner, planner....doer!


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