Monday, December 20, 2010

The Fallen Branch Christmas Trees Revealed...

So here they are.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me their photos.  I reckon they all look great.

Ali claims she failed 8th grade art and that her contribution won't be impressive but that we all "have to make impressive noises".  
Ali's decorated branch

My mum's Christmas tree entitled "Sticks in a Jar".  Well done Mum!  Sorry mum's photos is smaller than everyone else's when I tried to make it big the photo wouldn't work. 
My mum's tree
Phoebe wrote:  "I have no children, so christmas isn't a big deal but I still like things to be festive"
Phoebe's tree

Sophy's first fallen branch Christmas tree.  She wrote: "I found these branches steps from my door. It looks quite pretty in person...better than the photos :-) I hung a paper lantern in the back so it kind of looks like it's floating there and stuck with mini ornaments. I thought it was cool that the ornaments were almost exactly the same size as the pods on the tree!  I may do another for a centerpiece and spray the branches, or I thought about tipping them in fake snow."
Sophy's tree
Close-up of Sophy's tree
Magazine tree from Sophy

This year's veggiegobbler family tree. 

And a new edition from Diana at Elephant's Eye.  Thanks Diana love your blog.

Happy Christmas everyone.


  1. They are all great - really creative

  2. Aargh, my comment just got deleted!

  3. Thanks for posting! I am going to copy Phoebe's tree tonite with a similar blue vase. So pretty.

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!


  4. They are all simply beautiful. If it makes Ali feel any better, the only course I EVER failed...was art :( Was told my sketches were too 'Disney'...too cartoonish. Since then I've been told numerous times I have an artistic eye...don't let one person's opinion bring you down. Somes I think you just have to find your right medium. Happy holidays!

  5. Fabulous idea ... I have so many fallen branches around since the last couple of days of thunderstorms, that I think I'll have a go!

    I think they all look terrific ... but I love the photo of Sophy's tree backlit by that brilliant star lantern! Love your magazine Xmas tree too, Sophy. I remember making these with my students one year ... the Year 1 versions didn't look quite as good as yours!

    Have a great Christmas, Veggiegobbler! It's been hot and sultry up here in the north, and we've had quite a few thunderstorms and lots of rain ... Summer!

  6. Very creative ideas of making Christmas trees and decorations! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

  7. Curbstone, my art teacher told me that the sun is not round with sticks coming out of it... isn't it?

    And I think I am creative in some ways now too, you are right, never let anyone bring you down :)

  8. These are very nice trees and they look so much in the original spirit of Christmas.

  9. Another one for your collection, and I linked to you today.

  10. YAY to Fallen branch christmas trees! My mum copied mine but made it three times bigger and it looks great!
    Great work girls!


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