Thursday, December 9, 2010

Impatience is no Virtue

Garlic - not ready yet
I couldn't wait any longer.  The garlic looked like it must be ready.  The leaves had all flattened to the ground and they were yellowy brown... ish.   Surely those garlic would wither and die if I didn't get them out of the dirt right now.   I had checked one a week or so ago and it was small and the cloves not quite formed but I was kind of pushing this information to the back of my memory and imagining a startling, dramatic growth spurt.
Hmmm.  Small.  Not ready.
And I thought I'd planted much more than that.
I'll try again next year.  I need to plant more and I need to plant them in a sunnier spot and I need to be patient.

The garlic may be slow growing but the chicks aren't.  They have doubled in size and already seem to be entering their teenage years and getting a bit ugly.  Today their brooder box was upgraded to the kids old shell swimming pool with a bit of gutter guard around the top so they don't jump out.  They have lost some of their fluff and now have wing feathers.  When we put our hands in they come up and stand on them.  I was secretly hoping that I would be their mother hen and that they would love me best, but when Monkey Man put his hand in the other day four of them hopped up.  I tell him it's just because he has bigger hands and the chicks are too busy pecking at my freckles to want to all stand on me - but I'm a bit miffed not to be top chick. 

Fallen Branch Chrissie Tree Photos
I have so far had ONE response to my request for photos of your fallen or pruned branch Christmas tree and that was from my mother!  Ali from Mud Pie has promised me one and I have promised not to laugh at her attempt. And Greenfumb, Hazel, EcoMILF, Phoebe either have done or have seen these sorts of trees around.  But I have no evidence!  Now there is no deadline - some time before Christmas will do.  Although, I think we'll all get bored reading my repeated requests for photos by then.  So I am now extending the request.  It doesn't have to be your Christmas tree.  It could be a friend, relative or neighbours.  Come on now internet friends - help me out. Send me a photo. My movement is losing momentum before it's even started.


  1. I most definately will send a photo! Im having ideas that it might be great to suspend my dead branch / christmas tree from the ceiling next to my little leadlight window and I'm waiting for the handy man to prepare the hooks! maybe I'll have to give up and just be conventional and put it in a pot!!

  2. You've got to love a supportive mother, their intentions are good, but there's nothing more likely to make you feel like you are in the playground with no friends.

    I have mine ready to go, just need to wait now for the sun to start to go down, I can't do photos in sunshine!

  3. I think the weather this year cause small size garlics. We also harvested our garlic this year after all the leaves has turn brown and dried. However the garlic size were so small compare with our last year harvest. We were dissapointed with our harvest this year because we planted them earlier and harvest later than last year but still small bulb. Your chicks are cute.

  4. Yum I love garlic, I take it since you are a vegetarian the garlic and chickens haven't been grown to meet a gruesome yet delicious end together ;)My parents have a holistic health farm in the West of Ireland serving gourmet vegetarian food from the garden, we use to have chickens there too when I was growing up, always fascinated me how quickly they grew. My other memory of having chickens as a kid was, making pictures of birds by going into the chicken coop and collecting the feathers off the ground and gluing them onto paper.

  5. We planted garlic here for the first time since acquiring the property. Of course, we're just heading into winter, but are crossing our fingers that we have good garlic cloves to look forward to. That said, I've had similar disappointing harvests before in our previous garden. It can be a bit fussy.

    Your silkies are growing so fast. Every time we have chicks here I'm always amazed how quickly they grow. They do go through some awkward looking moments between fluff and feathers, but they're still adorable!

  6. Hey Veggie, I have sent you a photo, lol, and I also had another idea so you might get more!

  7. I did the same thing with my garlic, I planted good big cloves too but have only tiny wee piddlers to show for it. I would like a fallen branch Christmas tree, I used to do this a lot but my four year old is particularly passionate baout Christmas trees this year so I would have to run it by him.


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