Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Ripe Strawberry, a Big Basket and Strange Art

First Strawberry
One ripe strawberry.  And no snails, birds, earwigs or mice had yet discovered it.  (Yep, last year I found a mouse nibbling on my strawberry patch!) Yum - the strawberry not the mouse.  Now I must put a net over them because I know once those others start ripening I'll have way too much competition.

This huge basket I've planted the strawberries in was given to me on my 21st by a bunch of friends who thought it was hilarious at the time.  I don't know why they thought I would like it.  It was completely impractical.  I carted it from rented house to rented house and it would take up most of my room in those share houses.  It wouldn't even fit through the front door in some of the places I lived and so stayed in storage for quite a while.  Then I had kids and used it as a toy box for a while.  But even for that it was impractical - too big to reach into.  Although occasionally the monkeys would cover it with a blanket and hide inside.  Finally, 20 years later it has found a good home in the garden.  I filled 2/3 with sticks, lined the rest with the plastic from the potting mix bags and poured in the soil.  I suppose it'll eventually rot away but I like it now.  It's right beside our wood shed, little water tank and Harry Ubu.
Harry Ubu
Harry Ubu is another strange present (sorry mum) I received years ago.  He is supposed to be a CD storage unit - but he's enormous and kinda ugly and scared the life out of the monkeys when they were little.  So he's gone into the garden too.  And he likes it there much better.  Especially now I have managed to train this pretty creeper up his CD stacking bits.


  1. Growing strawberries in basket, now that is an inspiration for a container gardener like me. I hope this ripe strawberry wont be a prey to some insect or bird.

  2. I love Harry Ubu, maybe he'll scare the mice off the strawberries? Thanks for becoming my 101st follower. We are also vegetarians, not so great on the grow your own, but we'll get there.

  3. Gardeners really are the ultimate re-users and recyclers. Hope you get to eat lots of strawberries.


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