Thursday, December 16, 2010

Re-Using Bits for the Garden

Our silkie chicks almost 3 weeks old.
Even though it is almost Christmas and like everybody we are busy, busy, busy, we have had some time to fiddle about in the backyard.  Mind you Monkey Man had to be strongly persuaded.  Our little chicks are now not so little and they still don't have a coop!  In a couple of weeks they'll be able to regulate their own temperatures and will no longer need a heat source so they will go outside.  You can see them in the photo above having a scratch about on the grass.  I've been taking them out for a few minutes on warm days and they love it.  Monkey Man is the type to under-estimate how long everything will take.  So I know he needs to get cracking on this coop-building job.  And I'm useless with that sort of stuff.  If it were up to me I'd have bought something flimsy and expensive and even then would need help assembling it.  Luckily, Monkey Man is handy and thrifty.  We have all the materials already.  He's using recycled timber that he salvaged from our neighbours and we have some leftover polycarbonate from a friend's cubby house making.  We'll use that for the roofing.  Monkey Man was most impressed by the heritage nails he removed from the old timber.  He reckons they must be about 120 years old. 
Littlest Monkey has saved them for some craft making.   He loves to make things.  I'm a bit the same. I found this old bit of piping while clearing space under the fig tree for the chook run and I'm planning a bit of garden art.  Not sure what it will be yet but I'll take a pic when I'm done.  
So with a bit of luck we'll have a chicken coop before Christmas. 

Don't forget to send me your fallen branch Christmas tree pictures if you haven't already.  I've had a couple of terrific photos sent to me which I'm looking forward to posting next week.


  1. Oh, you have done such a great job with your chickens they look so sturdy and well. Good job Mumma Chook!

  2. I love your re-use philosophy. We do the same. Our chicken coop is built out of the old fence, some re-cycled chicken wire and some recycled tin sheeting. And the girls lay their eggs in an old lawnmover catcher!

  3. Great stuff recycling the wood etc for the hens - we managed to recycle an old meat/cheese store, an old wine box and found some paint to tart it up a bit!

    The hens love it!

    Goodluck I may even do a fallen branch tree and pop a pic to you!

  4. The chicks are so sweet. You will have a great chook house. Leftovers and recycled material add more character as well. That's how we ended up with the purple palace.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone. Hazel all the chicks are very well but one of them has a limp. She's the only one with a name - Wonky! Hope she'll get better. Funkbunny - a lawnmower catcher is a great idea. Orkneyflowers please do send me a picture I'd love to see your tree. Missy I've read about your purple palace I must try to find a picture of it on your blog. My favourite colour is purple so if I can be bothered I might just be painting ours purple too.


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