Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Chicks have a New Home

Well, Monkey Man finally finished the chicken coop.  And not a moment too soon. They're now officially 5 weeks old and no longer require the heat from a lamp.  And they started to make a bit of a stink in the house. Time to move on chickies.

Here's a reminder of what he did prior to Christmas (thanks Ali from Mud Pie for the collage-making idea).

And here's what happened in the past couple of days.
The box got covered in.  See the front has a latch so it can be dropped down and cleaned.  Also, you can see the nesting box which can be accessed for the bezillions of eggs we are surely going to have!

We found an old door (yep we have old doors just lying around!)  I think this one was on the lean-to laundry that was pulled down when we extended our house 8 years ago.  I sanded and painted it a favourite purpley-blue colour.  Not because I wanted it to look swish (although I reckon it does) I'm too lazy for unnecessary aesthetics. But because it had peeling bits of old paint on it that I suspect was lead-based and I didn't want these chicks poisoned.  Monkey Man has made a Mr Ed door by splitting it in two.  Now we can just open the top part to feed the chicks greens without them racing out (another idea from VEG).
Monkey Man dug a trench around the outside to bury the wire in.  This was accompanied by a lot of sighing and grizzling and cursing.  It had become a lengthy job and it was hot and Monkey Man had been cooped up in the box for the day.  The wire is supposed to be dug 15cm deep and flaring outwards to deter creatures from eating your chickens.  Apparently there are foxes even where we are.  I didn't dare get the ruler out because quite frankly I knew better than to go near Monkey Man's at this point but I'm a bit suspicious of his measurements.

And on went the wire.
I know I said before that I was too lazy to care about aesthetics but that was a bit of a porky pie.  I had my painting clothes on and the brushes out and that box just looked a bit ugly.  So I gave it a splash of colour too.  The little monkeys decided that they also wanted in on the act which I was none too pleased about.  But we managed to keep occupied and productive without any major spillages. 
Finally, on went the roof.  
And da-daaaah here's the finished house.
Don't they look happy?


  1.'s done. It is a good idea to bury the wire..Someone did a study that showed Melbourne had a very high population of foxes. Your chickens are looking like silkies now. I think I am going to get some bantams...I like their little eggs. But not just yet. By the way could you lend me Monkey man to build a yard for the goats? :-)

  2. That coop looks fabulous. Love the blue :) I'm sure your girls will be very happy.

  3. Wow, how much have they grown. I love little silkies, I have a grey one, in with the two chickens, and she is by far my favourite. If you watch them walk/run, you'll notice that they move their heads back in forth in time with their step. The faster they go, the faster their heads go. Lol, it sounds a silly thing to comment, but it cracks me up every time, when they run, their little heads go like jackhammers!

    And your collage is FANTASTIC!

  4. I can understand the grizzling and griping burying the wire, but your lovely chicks will be so much safer for it. They have a such a lovely new coop! I also can't believe how much your lovely silkies have grown! I'm no stranger to raising chicks, but I'm always amazed how fast they grow. Happy New Year!

  5. Could this be an excuse for a house-warming party?

  6. Thanks for your compliments everyone. They sure have grown. Hazel, Monkey Man has been threatening all day to go help with your goat yard instead of the multiple jobs he has around our house to do. I'm afraid I won't release him! Can't wait to see a silkie run now it's been described. Mark I can't imagine a chook house warming. We were supposed to have a piano warming in June when we got our new piano but never got round to it. I wonder what we'd do at a chook house warming?!


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