Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brekkie and the Big Bang

Cherry tomatoes, rainbow silverbeet and basil
Well after whining about my failed tomato crop a couple of days ago, I had a pleasant surprise this morning.  I just left them alone for a couple of days. When I went out to pick the ripe ones there were lots - without holes and despite the wilting lower leaves.  Maybe I'd gotten rid of most of those grubs to the chicks.  Maybe they crawled away when they knew I wasn't boasting anymore and had confessed my boasting sins via blog.  There were enough tomatoes to justify the use of my Little Red Riding Hood basket that I picked up especially for veggie picking 6 months ago at the op shop.  It's been sitting disappointed at my back door all this time willing me to produce a bit more so it can be used. 
My favourite breakfast
So I picked some garden ingredients for my favourite breakfast - silverbeet, tomatoes and basil.  Whizzed them all up in a frypan with a smidge of cooking spray, some mushies and an egg, wacked them on some toast and served it all up with a nice cup of earl grey.  (You'll notice that my egg remained intact so I'm bound to have a good day today.)  Now you may be looking at my breakfast and thinking that is a lot of food.  Yep you're right - but I always have a big breakfast with lots of veggies.  Several years ago I lost 23kgs on weight watchers and it changed the way I eat.  A big breakfast fills me up and stops me snacking on crap in between.  And I eat lots of veggies.  There you go my secret weight loss weapons!  

While I was eating my brekkie Littlest Monkey Boy hit me with a question "How do we know the Big Bang happened if there were no people around to see it happen?"  Now Littlest Monkey had his first day of school on Monday.  We had 40 minutes of crying and screaming and force dressing to get him there.  He carried Tiny Ted his current favourite stuffed toy with him the whole day.  Fortunately, he enjoyed himself once there.  But he is still my baby and he wasn't the only one sooking that morning.  I had to wear sunglasses at drop off to hide my weeping.  But I think it is time to let go.  If he's big enough to bamboozle me with questions on cosmological theory over breakfast then he's big enough to totter off with Tiny Ted to school. 
Teary Littlest MonkeyBoy with Tiny Ted looking cold and apprehensive on his first day of school.


  1. My favourite breakfast as well. Although I forgo the toast and have a mushroom instead. I also have a large breakfast...unfortunately, that theme continues with a large lunch....and a large dinner. Your tomatoes look so delish! I may just have to forget about obsessing over mine.

    A watched tomato never ripens....

    Congratulations Littlest Monkey on your first day at school!

  2. That looks so delicious!!! I had poached eggs for tea last night with corn from the garden and basil between the egs and my toast. Soooo yum! Who would have through basil and eggs = awesome?!

    Littlest Monkey looks so gorgeous! Have you got an astrophysicist on your hands?

  3. Oh he is just adorable clutching Tiny Ted, I don't blame you, I would have been a blubbering mess too. That expression on his face really tugs at the heartstrings.

    I can't think about your breakfast now!!

  4. Now it is mine too. I'm looking forward to summer tomatoes now, more than ever.

  5. oh how cute is he, I would be loath to let him go too and great about your tomatoes. x

  6. I am interested to know if you were vegetarian before you lost the weight or only after? I am finding it easier to keep my weight down if I eat vegetarian meals a couple of times a week. That looks like a wonderfully tasty breakfast by the way, is the silverbeet also out of your garden?

  7. Daffodil, I think that must be true of all veg - a watched veg never ripens. An astrophysicist Phoebe. Hmm maybe. At the moment he wants to be an inventor or a film director. Beyond My Garden I hope you get tomatoes soon. Ali and Jeanetteann I'm afraid Little Monkey has heard that he's cute before. He perks up at the word and has a special smile for such occasions. Africanaussie I've been veg for 20 years now. Unfortunately I gained most of my weight having kids. I took pregnancy as an excuse to eat lots and lots of chips. A colleague was convinced that my baby would slide out on the oil I'd consumed. Yep the silverbeet and basil were also from the garden. Good luck keeping your weight down with veg meals - try to avoid the chips!

  8. OK, the big question is - does Littlest Monkey Man appreciate already the value of having a good breakfast? Any difficulties with getting him to enjoy the veggies? How could anyone not like those yummy-looking home-grown tomatoes?

  9. Mark, Littlest Monkey is particularly fussy. He eats cereal for breakfast but often refuses dinner. Tonight he refused to eat the tomatoes in his salad. Telling him they were from the garden didn't help. He used to eat tomatoes but suddenly is convinced he now doesn't like them. Sigh.

  10. Ciao, lovely blog, I am following you! I garden and cook in New Zealand, but I seem to follow too many blogs from the north (well, I am Italian) and it is nice not to feel 'out of season' in your blog :-)



  11. Hi Alessandra, thanks for following my blog. I just checked yours out too - cool I'll be following. It is nice to know what's going on in your own area. I started blogging towards the end of Winter and it was so exciting knowing we were heading to Spring (I love Spring and Summer). Now I follow a few blogs on the other side and we are heading to the cold and they're going to Spring and I feel a teeny bit miserable and jealous!

  12. here in Kentucky, we've snow on the ground, so that produces looks SWEET. not as sweet as your adorable little monkey though! thanks for sharing and look forward to having a look around your site.

  13. That breakfast looks delicious!! We've had great tomatoes this year!!!

    Glad to have found my way here...great blog!!!


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