Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chickens are not the Brightest of Creatures (Part 2)

Who you calling stupid?
The other night I was watching SBS news while simultaneously playing bejeweled on my ipad.  Oh dear, embarrassing confessions. We spoilt ourselves with a Christmas ipad and I've consequently discovered a couple of daggy games and I have an addictive personality so I keep playing the daggy games over and over... Anyway, a news item came on about a dog that has a 1,000 word vocabulary!  I thought for a minute I must have inadvertently sat on the remote and flicked to Today Tonight (apologies international readers. Think sleazy, sensationalist, tabloid telly). But no it was the fluff piece at the end of the news.  I was almost tempted to risk a high score and take my eyes of the shiny, jingly jewelled patterns for a tick but my addiction won and I continued the game while listening.  This dog has 1,000 toys and knows them all by name.  And if you throw in a new stuffed toy he's never seen and give it a name he'll find it by using his incredible, deductive dog intelligence.  Now that is a smart pet.

Chickens must have much smaller brains than dogs.

And silkies are quite a bit smaller than your average chicken so I'm willing to bet they've got even smaller brains.

A couple of weeks ago, I lamented that my chicks were so dim they couldn't find the door to the chicken shed even though it was only two chick-steps away.  Well yesterday I realised in the middle of my vacuuming that it was pouring.  And the chicks were free-ranging outside.  They've never been out and about in the rain before.  Usually I send them back to their shed before the weather gets bad.  So I rushed out without umbrella or raincoat (as you do) to see what they were up to.  Of course they were just standing in a huddle wondering what all that water was.  They have fluff not feathers so the water was not running off them but turning them to slosh.  I quickly attempted to herd them into their shed but they were having none of it and stood rigid in their huddle.  So I picked up a couple of soggy birds, tossed them into the shed and ran back for the others. But by the time I'd collected two more the first two had run back out - I had of course left the door open.  We continued this silly game for a bit until we were all well and truly wet and a wee bit frazzled.

So if you're looking for a smart pet - go for Chaser the Super Smart Border Collie - not a silkie chicken. And if you're looking for a smart human, look for one who actually watches SBS news - the real bits not the fluff piece at the end. One who knows to close a door after her and who uses an umbrella in wet weather.  Certainly not one who plays enough games of bejeweled to make her hear jingly, jangly sounds and see sparkly, coloured patterns when she closes her eyes at night.
Beware, mind-numbing, addictive game


  1. Curse that bejeweled blitz game...I have just weaned myself off of two of the most addicting games on facebook, only to find Bejewled Blitz...sigh.............

  2. If it's any consolation my hens will opt for howling gale (hardly able to stand up) and sideways rain rather than the cosy byre. Not the smartest I'm afraid, my lot are cute but definitely not the brainy operation described in the chicken run film.
    I got an iPad for Santa too - wonderful - have fun and I'm sorry but I did giggle at the thought of you swapping bejewelled for chicken lobbing (gently of course!)

  3. There's probably an App on the iPod for Brain-training. Maybe you should invite the Silkies inside for a game???

  4. Wow! Something else we have in common...shame. Secret addictions and shame. Bejeweled and shame. I wonder if there is a Bejeweled Anon?

  5. :-) Hehehe, I'm not sure what the game is, but I agree about the silkies. They really must have very, very little brains.

  6. Enchanted Moments I never even played games before! Luckily I know I won't need to wean myself off it. I'll just get sick to death of it soon and stop... And then find something else. If my friend lends me Mad Men series 3 as she's promised that'll do the trick. Good luck with your weaning off. Orkneyflowers are you serious? Howling gales? Sideways rain? I suppose it won't kill them. Mark that's not a bad idea but maybe for me not the chicks. Hazel surely not. I was thinking that no-one in blog world would even know what bejeweled was. Well we've outed ourselves now that's the first step they say. Cityhippyfarmgirl I'm warning you - don't try to find out about the game. Once you start you can't stop.

  7. Veggie - they've been out today in a force 8, sideways rain, huddled under the garden burner rather than in their byre - daft chookies!!!
    Ironically they go in to lay then come out again - insane............!

  8. Hey when you're that cute you don't have to be smart as well. Someone will always look after you.

    BTW - another addict here. I've spent time with Bejeweled, moved on to equally innane games and back again...

  9. Im addicted to Bejeweled too, every night before I sleep will play it on my old computer, almost reaching the points 1 million...slow old brain! Your chick looked so fluffy and cute.

  10. Who knew there were so many people with bejeweled addictions? Missy, don't tell me the other games you moved on to because I'm sure to follow. P3chandon 1 million!!! I can see I need to put in a lot more practise!

  11. Hi VG,

    You will find that chooks are clever when it comes to food. We used to chase our chooks until we suddenly realised the power of a handfull of sunflower seeds. They will follow you anywere. Just throw the seeds into their house and lock the door behind them!

    Works every time

    Gav x

  12. Thanks Gav. They do spark up a bit when they see me. They think I'm going to give them silverbeet but they've been so spoilt with the silverbeet that there's not been enough growing for me. I might need to start the seed trick.

  13. LOL too funny! I do that every time it rains - race outside to tell the silly chooks to go 'home' but instead what do they do? Run toasted and hang about waiting for treats whilst all of us get sodden. I give up. It's like they secretly enjoy it or something!!


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