Monday, March 28, 2011

And my Name is...

A very big thank you to everyone who commented with name suggestions for our last un-named chook. I put all the recommendations to the vote with the Monkeys last night and we made a short-list. Littlest Monkey was particularly keen on ElsieMay's suggestion of "Rock Star". Monkey Man liked Fiona's contribution of Xena. I like crazy names and p3chandan's "Chucky Chicky" appealed. But in the end a consensus was reached with Phoebe's suggestion of "Indie" (short for independent). I tried it out on her this morning while attempting to take her photo. She did jump about at the call of her name which I am interpreting as a positive sign that she likes it. She is prone to jump and run about at any little movement or noise but I am blindly optimistic that she will grow to love and come to me and that jumping at her name is the first step.

The chooks have been in my bad books these last few days. It's not entirely their fault. In fact it's not really their fault at all - they were just doing what comes naturally. They saw lovely fresh, green  seedlings in the new veggie beds that used to be theirs to roam about all over freely. And I'd rather foolishly and lazily draped a temporary bit of wire between the shed and the trampoline. And the gaps in the wire were way too big. I did know this, but they're not usually very adventurous and there's so much grass for them to get through on their own side of the fence (check out the pic below) that I didn't think they'd bother. But the gaps were rather big. Big enough for a silkie chicken to simply step through.

So that's what they did on Friday morning.

And now every single one of my silverbeet seedlings and three quarters of my brassicas seedlings are gone. Completely. Luckily I caught them before they munched the last few broccoli bits and luckily the garlic has not yet sprouted. But now I have to start all over. I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that there are still quite a few white cabbage moths about and waiting a bit longer before seedlings go in is probably a good idea. I'd attempted Hazel's idea of draping a netting over the brassicas but didn't have a veil or curtain big enough. So they would probably have been eaten by caterpillars if not naughty chooks anyway.


  1. So sad about your seedlings. And what furry thieves.

  2. Indie...good choice. I have a fence around my veggie patch and a rule...NO UNSUPERVISED OR TRACTORED CHOOKS!

  3. I thought they were really adorable as babies. They are still very cute now. Looks like they won't be outgrowing their cuteness. Indie seem like a suitable name.

  4. Good name pick - very modern. Fingers crossed she comes when called.

  5. sorry about your seedlings but at least you have those gorgeous little monsters.x

  6. Now they know where the best pickings are to be found you'll need a good barrier. Chooks aren't quite as silly as they look.
    I agree too - Indie's a great name. I hope she stays quiet for you. Our chook man says it just takes daily handling to keep them really tame.

  7. Someone should invent something you could spray onto veggie seedlings to make them unattractive to chooks - garlic-flavoured perhaps?

  8. Indie..sounds good! The little green seedlings are too much a lure to those chooks..they must have looked so deliciously luscious!

  9. I agree with Mark and I could use something to spray on my garlic so that my ducks don't like their nice green shoots.

  10. Indie is a great name for your fluffy chook.

    We had to fence around our veggies otherwise we wouldn't get any... chooks love scratching my flower garden to bits because it has no protection and they go to extraordinarily lengths to get there. They have 2 1/2 acres to roam on mind you.

    I picked up my copy of grass roots from the post office today and found your wonderful story in inside...well done!


  11. YAY! I'm so glad you chose Indie! I thought it suited her spunky nature that you described!
    They are so naughty to have eaten your seedlings! Mine ate the rhubarb leaves when they were out this weekend but they haven't keeled over! At least your garlic is safe!

  12. Ha! They are naughty! So are mine! Getting bolder every day seem to think that because they are now laying they can just go eat whatever they like! Love the name indie


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