Thursday, March 24, 2011

Name That Chook!

Un-named Chook
How long does it take to name a chook? Quite a while if you're me it seems.

I have friends who took three weeks before they decided on a name for their baby. They were waiting to find one that suited her. That would just frustrate the heck out of me. I needed to know the names of my babies before I packed my hospital bags. And I became an obsessive nagger with Monkey Man - every day it was "what do you think about this name...etc." Lucky I did though because Monkey Man is the most relaxed person you'll ever meet. My dad reckons if he was any more casual he'd be asleep. If it was left to Monkey Man he would have been deciding the name on the way to the birth. As it was Littlest Monkey was in a bit of a rush and was born in the car anyway. Well actually I'd adopted a bit of Monkey Man's casualness myself and the clock's batteries were dying so I didn't quite realise how long I'd been labouring and I wanted to do most of the the work at home. Before I knew it Little Monkey's head had appeared and I was screaming at Monkey Man to "DRIVE CAREFULLY" but "HURRY" between contractions with my bare bum and Little Monkey's emerging head on view for all of peak hour stuck in the traffic jam on the West Gate freeway that morning. But back to chook-naming...

What to call them? They're 17 weeks old and really ought to have names by now. I've been putting my thinking cap on but am not entirely satisfied with my results. I'm reluctant to enlist the help of the monkeys because they'll come up with dreadful names like they did for the guinea pigs - Cutie and Tiger. Those are embarrassing names. So here's what I've been calling them lately.

Wonky was easy. Lame leg. Poor Wonky - she sits in the chook shed all day occasionally hobbling to the feeder. She can no longer manage to flap her way up to the nesting area and sleeps by herself downstairs each night. None of the others are harassing her which is good. But I can't imagine she'll survive through the Winter.

Golden Girl
This one is called rather unimaginatively Golden Girl. Because of her colour - duh! I had hoped she might live up to her name but she's not really showing much of a personality yet.

This is Beverly. I think it suits her. I thought she'd become chief chook since the roosters went to Mr. P. but this morning the two white ones were giving her the evil eye while standing over her. So I'm not certain who's ruling the roost yet.

Puff and Fluff
I can't tell these two apart. They look exactly the same to me. So I'm thinking of calling them Puff and Fluff. They're the prettiest in my opinion and they seem to enjoy a cuddle. As does Beverly.  Well truth is I'm not sure if they do enjoy a cuddle but they're subjected to one quite often.

And lastly there's this little black one. She's very flitty and a fast runner. Sometimes she'll frighten the others with a big flap and run about like she's catching a fly - but she's not. She will not come for a cuddle and if you manage to catch her she squawks and flaps her wings. If the chicks need to go back to their shed early because of bad weather she is the last to persuade. She is a bit infuriating that way. Sounds like I'm not too fond of her but of course that's not true. I love them all. Nearly equally.

So any ideas on what to name this one?


  1. Raven - she looks like a bit of a rock star with the hair do and the her way attitude you explained. Especially with the blue colour on her cheeks. Ebony - I like colour names. Avril - punk chick. - I so need my own chickens to name.
    Oh and better late than never - my cousin was born in May and not named till August - she now has a name that rhymes with mine (I was july) how cute!

  2. Can you please post like a Naming post once you get a name. Sounds like a special naming ceremony for the chook.

  3. Call her Indie for Independent!

  4. I am no good at naming chickens. All of mine sound like they were born in the early 19th century, so Prudence, Daphne, Hyacinth, Miranda, Emily..that kinda of thing.

    We did have a trio of Araucanas named Diego Maradonna with his girls Esmerelda and Consuela. I really went out a limb there!

    Your little black girl looks like a Nina to me, after Nina Simone. She knows her own mind, will not be tamed and has that little air of defiance about her. She plays by her own rules.

  5. You could always do Liz Taylor. Black hair, knows what she wants, nice make up. Real mover and shaker.
    And Daffodil I like the old fashioned names I think they sound like good chooky names.

  6. I think you should call her Xena she sounds tough and resilient. We have chooks too and there are Big Red (Rooster) Little Red (the first hen we got) Sootie and Sweep (Can't tell them apart, B1 (stands for Bantam one, there used to be a B2 but she went to chicken heaven) and bubbles. We used to have a wonky as well for what sounds like the same reason. We hoped her leg would get better but in the end it got worse in the end we had to send her to chicken heaven : (

  7. How about "Poodle". I know, obviously I'm not a chicken person... ;)

  8. She reminds me of the ostrich feather dusters we had while growing up in South Africa (not sure that every country has spare ostrich feathers to make into feather dusters). How about Dusty?

  9. I cannot believe you popped out a baby in the car. What a champion, and what a fabulous birth story for your little man.

    Our chickens are three years old and still don't have names. The boys were little then and I was stretched in too many directions. That's my excuse.

    Anyway, I like kind of ridiculous names for my animals, especially chickens (if I were to name them that is). How about Queen Elizabeth?

  10. They are all so beautiful. How long is their life span? I think I would just call them 'Lovely'.

  11. What about Chucky, Chicky?..Anyway I love them all, so fluffy and cuddly!

  12. I like Glenys (Nunn) or Betty (Cuthbert) for the quick, flighty one.

  13. ...because they are a pair of great Aussie chicks!

  14. My family everytime we have a golden coloured pet will name it as "Silau" meaning orange in my mother tongue. They are so cute. My cousin been hinting at me to get some chooks.

  15. Nice names you've chosen. I like Bobbie for the fiesty dark one.

  16. I name all my chooks after elderly aunts, or old-time movie stars (because I can sometimes see a resemblance)so I'd probably go for Liz.

  17. Surely a true Aussie chick should be called "Sheila"...?

  18. They are so beautiful. What about Sassy.... she seems to fit the name. :)

  19. Oooh thanks everyone. Lots of food for thought there. I think I might have a consultation with the Monkeys over the next couple of days and get them to have a little vote on the best suggestion. I'll announce in my next blog post.

  20. I was thinking Elizabeth after Elizabeth Taylor too - the hair do! Perhaps she'd like a string of pearls and a husband ... or 8. I loved the birth story - I was terrified about giving birth in the car - that was never going to happen with a 36 hour labour!!!


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