Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things that Go Bump in the Night, Grey Water and A Bit of Trumpet Blowing.

The other night I fell out of bed. I'm not talking a little stagger here, I'm talking complete roll, smack, bang, thump to the floor, hitting my head on the side table in the process. And I was sober. Twenty four hours later I was wondering why my back hurt so much and it was hard to breathe. It was a big bang. So I spent lots of the other day hunched over like an old lady and moaning. Relief came when I could find a comfy position in bed with the hot water bottle or in the bath.

Yep, I confess to still having baths despite the fact that I know them to be a dreadful waste of water. I didn't just hobble to the bath after my bed-falling escapade, I admit that I do quite often jump in the bath. I have managed to ease my conscience a little by ensuring that it is never a solo experience. I only ever share with the Monkey Boys in their evening bath. I have to fight them for leg space and fight their lego figurines for elbow space but I still enjoy it. I've eased my conscience a little more by getting Monkey Man to organise a grey water system. It took us a while to figure out a strong enough pump but now we have one that we simply pop in the water at the end and hook up to the hose out the bathroom window and onto our garden. It did wonders a couple of Summers ago for our fruit trees. If you're thinking of doing the same a warning that it's not recommended to put grey water onto veggies and herbs. And you do need to be careful about what you wash with when you use grey water. We use this.
Bath pump with lego props
I also really do love to attempt a complete tune out by reading in the bath (not an easy task when Little Monkeys are playing Star Wars lego battles at your elbow but I manage). Unfortunately, I can't read books that I've borrowed from friends in the bath. Especially not borrowed books from my friend Ms. M. who leaves a book in a perfect state when finished - not a crease, fold, stain or crumb in it. My books end up wrinkled and torn from bath water. Lately, I've been reading ebooks on my ipad. But you can't take a computer to the bath. So mostly I read magazines. We don't subscribe to magazines apart from ReNew (Alternative Technology Association mag) and that doesn't come out often enough to satisfy my bathing and reading requirements. I will read anything I can get my hands on - the supplements from the weekend papers, the school newsletter...I've even been known to read the RACV magazine (roadside assistance insurance). Oh, and when I'm really desperate or just up for some entertainment I'll read the crazy tiny text all over Dr Brommer's castille soap bottle. But the other night (and here comes the blowing of my own trumpet bit) I was thoroughly entertained by reading Grassroots magazine in the bath. Not just because it was filled with interesting stuff about gardening and cheese making and sustainable houses but also because I'd been asked to write an article for it! And there I was in a pic with the monkeys and several teeny chicks along with the article all about how we hatched the chicks in an incubator. We were all very chuffed. Luckily GrassRoots are sending me my own copy (I couldn't wait and purchased my own at the newsagent) because I'll need an un-wrinkled copy for the Monkeys to take along to show and tell.

So if you like to read about self-sufficiency, I recommend you take a look at this magazine. Because although you can find this stuff on blogs, you can't take a blog to the bath.


  1. Now that you are famous I suppose you won't bother to comment on other people's run of the mill blogs any more. Or if you do, you will sign off with...'published author', or some other pithy handle to rub our common garden noses in it! Hmph *tossing head in air, Miss Piggy style*.

  2. Oh yes good idea Hazel. I'd better start practicing my Miss Piggy head toss.

  3. Good on you, feel free to head toss Miss Piggy style. And I have to admit I love a good bath, I had one this morning infact, to soak a overstreched ligament. We are on rain water only but with all our water saving and just Hubby pets and myself we do not use much water. Our tanks are constantly over flowing so while they are in that state I have no issue with baths.

  4. Well done VG! Wow, a published author. Don´t forget the little bloggers as you move up in writing world. LOL!

    Nice hair toss you have going there. :D

  5. It's a good job you did do a bit of trumpet-blowing (and maybe even some head-tossing), because some of what you wrote is perhaps not showing you up in the best of light :) Falling out of bed at your age? Whatever next? I am currently away from home, staying in a hotel, and the internet connection I have is VERY slow, so as the pictures in your blogpost slowly, slowly appeared, I was half expecting you see one of you in the bath!!! (No offence meant).

  6. Well done on the article. I'm very interested in your bath pump. Where did you get it from?

  7. Yep Fiona our tanks have been overflowing too with so much rain. Thanks Daffodil. Mark, I am a mature woman. I have no excuse for falling out of bed, can't explain it. I am reading your comments over breakfast and the thought of posting a picture of me in the bath is making me gag on my egg! Funkbunny, we got the pump from Bunnings.

  8. Very cute post. Congrats on the article!!

  9. Well done on the writing - loved the lego man - there use to be lego men in our shower - sigh, not any more - he's 16 and taller than me!

    Nice post - nowt wrong with a bit of trumpet blowing, even from the bath!


  10. I am not sure that bath are a waste of water... i mean, we use rain water (collected from the roof and into our tank, but we do live in a rain forest :-)
    but the kids share the bath (half full, first one goes in, and then the other) and we share the bath (full) usually me first (I like it very hot) and then the husband... I think that a bath is essential to our relax, we use aromatherapy oils and I am sure that it is good for our well-being :-)


  11. I'm sure I commented on this post head tossing miss piggyness vg!! Congrats! :)
    Im thinking your book cover should have you Bathing in rainwater in a rainwater tank ? :)

  12. I don't know what's best, the bump, bath or blowing. I'll go for the blowing, how blooming wonderful, I'd be broadcasting that a fair bit too. How very wonderful, you must be bursting with pride, well done VG!

  13. Grass Roots is a great magazine, very handy tips in it. Congratulations on your appearance!

    Interested to hear about your grey water. We would like to do something similar to move it onto the orchard,just haven't put the time in to work it out. Sometimes in summer we collect the water from the bath and even the shower (when running it to get it hot) which we then put on the garden etc but a pump would save some of the hard work!

  14. Oh, wow, you're famous! This is exciting - I enjoy Grassroots when I get a chance to get hold of a copy. Will be looking out for your copy! :)


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