Thursday, April 14, 2011

Digging Potatoes is Just Like an Easter Egg Hunt!

I'd read that kids love potato digging and that they're such a good veggie for them to grow. Frankly, nothing I've grown has truly captured the imagination of my monkeys. They'll humour me for a minute or two and are more likely to eat something they've picked themselves from the garden but nothing outside excites them as much as a roll and tumble on the trampoline.

So I did need to do a bit of cajoling to get them out with me digging the potatoes yesterday. But once we started we had fun.
"This is just like an Easter egg hunt, isn't it!" I enthused. 
Neither of the monkey boys answered, so I figure it's safe to assume that yes it is just as much fun as hunting for chocolate. And with the added bonus of no crazy-screaming-fight-chase that generally follows a chocolate-feed.

You're supposed to wait for the foliage on the potatoes to die off before digging them up but we didn't. The rellies were coming 'round for Monkey Boy's birthday lunch and crunchy, roast potatoes were on the menu. Some of these potatoes were way too small to cook and really should have been left in the ground to grow some more but I have plans for this bit of patch. We ended up throwing the teeny ones to the chooks who were hanging about. We also found a couple of green caterpillars and chucked them to the chooks too. That was entertaining.

Now I've posted before about how much nicer fresh potatoes from the garden are. You really can feel a different crunch when you cut them up. And the roast potatoes we had today were soft and delish. Every single one got eaten. I was even tempted to eat the one that was retrieved from under the table during clean up but managed to control myself. 

So in MasterChef tradition I will give you my top 3 tips for roasting potatoes.
1. Always prepare more potatoes than you think you'll need, they will get eaten.
2. Boil or steam the potatoes first.
3. Roast them with rosemary, sea salt, olive oil and butter.


  1. my children eally loved lifting spuds too..and they love pulling tomatoes too

  2. I still love bandicooting for potatoes! I am just waiting for the leaves to die down on mine. Although that did not stop me from digging in a little bit early for a tatie harvest. Still delicious!

  3. oooh they look so mouthwatering and yet when I was a little girl in England we used to go potato picking in the school holidays and get 10shillings a week, on the last day I swore I would never eat another spud. It was hard back breaking work and my mother used to look forward to a nice saddlebag full of real spuds each day. (We used to cycle to the farm) On the last day she didn't get any spuds because while the farmer was ploughing them up I noticed some little field mice who had their home turned over. They were so sweet I bundled them all up and took them home in my saddle bag so couldn't fit in any of the spuds.

    I won't tell you what my mother said but she wasn't happy. She threw the mice into the field next door behind the pub. Oh well your post really brought back memories. xx

  4. Oh my roast potatoes don't look anything like yours! So steam, rosemary, salt, olive oil and butter... how much oil and butter?? And steamed all the way through?

    And what a fabulous yield... lovely harvesting basket...

  5. LOL. Boys really like to get their hand dirty don't they and this a perfect excuse for them as it is mom request. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. My potato plants are only a few inches tall so far, but I'm looking forward to harvesting their tubers already. Nothing beats a home-grown spud, cooked just minutes after you have dug it up.
    like Jeanetteann, I too spnet many hours harvesting potatoes as a kid, to earn some pocket money. Hard work it was too!

  7. Yes everyone I'm definitely growing these again. Jeanetteann, what a lovely memory! Ali, I boiled these til they were soft but not fall apart soft. I then rolled them about in a bowl with the salt and a lug of oil. Then in a pan with a thin layer of oil on bottom and two lumps of butter chucked in. Sorry I don't have accurate measurements.

  8. I think my Monkeys would only be suitably impressed if I started growing a chocolate egg tree. Then they would be quite happy to help harvest!
    Wonderful basket of potatoes you got.


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