Sunday, April 24, 2011

Farewell Wonky

We've been on a little holiday during the week. While we were away we had some visiting friends house-sitting for us. Usually when I return from a holiday the house looks like a bit of a bomb has hit - and even more so by the time we dump our bags and monkey toys. But this time it wasn't so bad. I'd been careful to do a turbo tidy and leave the house in a respectable-ish state for our guests. On return though, there was a surprise. A rather enormous pile of washed, dried and folded laundry sitting by the back window. They had washed every single dirty towel, sheet and underpant I had piled up in the laundry! Good house guests eh?! Last time they stayed they convinced my Monkeys to help them clean the fridge - inside and out. I took photos of that one.

Unfortunately, while we were away, they also performed an even less pleasant job. They found Wonky our lame chicken dead one morning. I'm pretty sure Wonky was a rooster actually. He'd once made a half-hearted attempt at crowing from his seated position and he had quite a pronounced coxcomb on his head. He'd been progressively getting worse as the weather got colder and spent most of the last couple of weeks stationary. Our house-sitting friends buried him for us behind the chook shed.

The Monkeys and I have been thinking that we might make a little memorial for Wonky in the garden. I think a mosaic stepping stone where he's buried would be a good idea. I've only just learnt to mosaic and have been planning quite a few of these stepping stones around the chook shed. Here's a pic of my first attempt.
Now last week Ali from Mud Pie asked me to do a little tutorial here when I mosaic the old garden washing machine. I'm not sure when I'll get 'round to that now - it feels like a big job. But a little stepping stone, that I can manage. And if I commit to it here I know I will have to follow through. So I'll give the TV and my bejewelled addiction a miss for a couple of nights and get cracking on this job. I may even get started today if I can persuade the little Monkeys away from the bucket-load of chocolate the bloody Easter Bunny hid in the garden for them. I'm warning you now though that I'm no artist and I learnt to mosaic from the internet - so don't go getting over-excited.

I wonder what other things people have done to remember pets who have died?


  1. Sorry to hear about Mr Wonky. Your mention of a 'cock's comb' has me thinking that Edna Beverly may in fact be a John Joseph...MMmmm!

  2. RIP Wonkey.

    Animals on our farm who are euthanized by hand or by natural causes are planted under a fruit tree.

    Those who are ¨green-dreamed¨ by the vet are interred further from the house and orchard and have an ornamental planted over them. (Naughty I know)

    My saddest loss as been my old horse who we sadly had PTS on our last property. He had two apple trees planted over him. From a spiritual point of view I would have loved to have him buried on our current farm just to have him near. From an eco point of view this property missed out on a lot of fertilizing potential.

  3. oh so sorry to here wonky is no longer in your family, he was so cute. Love the mosaic idea, check out Meg and mums blog, Megs mum Chris does the most amazing mosaic you could ever see.

  4. Now I think that piece of Garden Art (the mosaic, I mean) is great. Very striking. Such a thing would be a fitting memorial for Wonky.

  5. When our chook died a few years ago (I think my little one was about 3) he told everyone that "mummy put charlie in a hole and she died". Hmmm..... Love the mosaic. Inspired to do something similar in our front patch.

  6. Sorry to hear about Wonky. Our washing machine got broken today. The mosaic is great. So I am excited about this tutorial;-).

  7. Always sad when a pet dies. Our rabbits have little wooden crosses where they are buried - haven't quite got around to buying the rabbit ornaments we were going to buy to mark their spot. Our dog we had cremated and she sits in an urn on top of our china cupboard with a photo of her. My husband couldn't bury her in the garden in case we moved and had to leave her behind and he thought it was nice for her look down on us since she always had to look up when she was alive. He's big softie...

    Look forward to seeing more of your mosaics.

  8. OH NO RIP Wonky :(
    How are your girls coping? HUGS.

  9. Oh dear Hazel you seem to be having trouble with your girls/boys.
    Daffodil, I think planting trees over buried pets is a great idea.
    Jeanetteann I will definitely check out that blog. Although I may then be too ashamed to show my own afterwards.
    Mark I had a feeling you'd approve of this sort of art - much neater than my old saucepans!
    Funkbunny - HA!
    Malay-Kadazan girl - I warned you don't get excited about the mosaic - it won't be inspiring!
    Judith, glad your dog can finally look down on you.
    Mrs Bok - the other girls were apparently quite skitty for a couple of days I think they must have had a shock. They seem fine now though.
    Thanks for your condolences everyone.

  10. Hazel, Edna was my nanna's name, and I have had an assortment of bantams who have sported this moniker! It is a fabulous chicken name.

    VG I am so sorry about Wonky, it is very sad when a pet dies. I love the idea of a mosaic memorial, and I am so glad that a little post/tutorial will keep you away from your jewelling problem!!


    ps I went an bought the Grass Roots magazine, you are so dead famous, I hope you went and bought a whole bunch of copies!!


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