Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Cake, Spaetzle and Eurovision Glitz

We had a Eurovision party on the weekend.  We've been doing this annually for five years now and it's a highlight of our social calendar.  Not that I have much of a social calendar mind you. Most Saturday night's I find myself alone sitting in the indent on the couch watching trash TV, reading blogs and playing bejeweled. (Yep, boo-hoo bring on the violin strings.  Never marry a musician or have kids).  But Sunday night party we did. Usually, I'm not one for costume parties but Eurovision is such an easy dress-up that we encourage our guests to make an effort with their attire.  Trashy and glittery.  This year I toned down the trash and vamped up the glitter. I wasn't too keen to reveal my thighs so I opted for a long, sparkly frock from Savers. And I brushed my hair which is a shock. My hair is curly and only gets a weekly de-tangle brush with loads of conditioner under the shower. A dry brush results in a mountain of fuzz - which is big even by Eurovision standards. And of course I applied loads of make-up. 

Monkey Man didn't need to hunt the op-shops for his costume. He has several wardrobes full of stage clothes. If you haven't already figured it out, Monkey Man doesn't like to throw away anything. And that goes doubly for clothes. Every item he has ever worn is hanging in the wardrobe. He has the biggest collection of political t-shirts in the country. And he has a lot of very tacky, sequined suits. This year he opted for the white suit with a silver, sparkle shirt open to the navel.

Now I'm very tempted to post photos of ourselves but I fear future repercussions. I know that youngsters nowadays (adopting nana voice now) give no thought to what they publish on the internet  and how embarrassed they'll feel when they grow up, but I am a grown up. I also fear I may need to do a lot of photoshopping to hide the bulges the dress revealed so I might just give you a hint of the glitz from our cozzies. More of a hint from Monkey Man and just a sliver of a hint of my hunched back and fuzzy hair...
We have a friend who's a roadie and he loaned us a big screen and projector. So watching Eurovision with us was equivalent to watching the footy grand final on the big screen at Federation Square. But in our lounge room and with much more entertainment... and of course there was food.
Each year when voting starts I say a little prayer for Italy to win. Or Greece or Spain or some country with food that I know I can do. But almost every year I am thwarted by some  dreadfully cold country with sausage and fish as their national dish - which is fine if you're a meat-eater but I make vegetarian food. And sometimes it gets a bit tricky trying to find vegetarian party food from the host country of Eurovision.

Fortunately, this year Germany was hosting and that's not so bad. Monkey Man spent ten years living in Germany so you think he'd be a help. But he wasn't. All he did was correct my pronunciation. So after several night's of googling I decided on the menu. I bought pretzels (of course). Could've made them but ran out of time and motivation. Pumpernickel rounds with toppings, a big lump of the stinkiest cheese I've ever touched (tilsiter) and strawberries. Monkey Man assured me that when he lived in Germany he once tended a big strawberry patch. I find this hard to believe given Monkey Man's lack of gardening skill but I was happy to put strawberries on the menu as they look and taste good on a party platter. I considered putting out the saukraut we'd bought at the market but decided I was wasting my time. I also made kartotoffel kroketten (fried potato balls) and spaetzle. Our friend Sabina taught me how to make this last year when she was here on a holiday. It was definitely the hit of the night. Extreme comfort food. Layers of home-made little egg noodles and loads of cheese topped with caramelised onions. I reckon I ate four plates full in between several glasses of bubbly. Luckily I did this after I'd squeezed into the sparkle frock not before 'cos this dish is packed with kilojoules and naturally tastes de-lish.

This blog of course is supposed to be about things I am growing and food I am making from the garden. So let me tell you about the item on the menu from the garden - plum kuchen (cake).  I had frozen a couple of containers of plums in syrup after our summer crop and I de-frosted some for this recipe. The instructions for making the cake I got from this website. It was yummo, straight from the oven and topped with cream. A sweet de-lish treat after all that potatoey, buttery, cheesy, noodley food.
Plum Kuchen. Apologies for the not so good photo. I may have had a few too many glasses of bubbly by this stage.
So now I am planning next year's event. Italy came second. Drats. I'm looking for food from Azerbaijan. No idea!


  1. Ooh, little fried potato balls..where are you? Sounds delicious, right down to the plum kuchen! Kicking myself I missed Eurovision this year!!

  2. Aww! I wanna see the hair! You tease! I think that was my dress you bought from savers, by the looked waaaayyyy better on me!

  3. Yep Christine I reckon I ate about 7 fried potato balls along with all the rest.
    Hazel you're not seeing my hair and regarding the dress... prove it!

  4. That photo was a complete tease I want to see more hair and more dress. I have curly hair too so I know what you mean about the brushing. good luck for the food next year I think you will need it, but thank god for the internet.


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