Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ooooh, Oooooh... Eggs!

This morning I nearly jumped out of my dressing gown with excitement ... two eggs in the nesting box!

I'd been wondering the last few weeks when these chickens would start laying some eggs and have been checking their box periodically. I think I've done my sums correctly and they are now five and a half months old. Recently though, I'd almost forgotten that they were not intended as ornamental, entertaining fluff-balls but were in fact meant to be put to work producing food for us.

Then this morning, things were a little odd.

I filled their water and feeder and opened the gate so they could have a wander, but they stayed put in their coop. Indie and Beverly were still on the ladder which leads to their night time quarters. Which was odd. Usually they all squabble and cluck and rush out as soon as I open the gate. Except Indie who enjoys a sit on the perch for a bit longer and then sprints to join the others. So I was inspired to check the nesting box. Sure enough, two eggs.

I quickly raced inside, grabbed the camera and shouted to the monkeys to come look.
 Here they are collecting our first eggs.

Now the eggs were a tad on the small side as I had been warned. 4.5cm long to be precise. Despite their weeny size, both the Monkeys immediately wanted egg on toast for breakfast and I was happy to oblige. Until Littlest Monkey changed his mind and refused to get dressed or have breakfast. As he tends to do. But that was great because it meant the entire other 4.5cm egg was then left all to me.

Eldest Monkey Boy had scrambled egg on toast, while I had a fried egg with mushies, silverbeet and chives.  Eldest Monkey claimed his to be the best scrambled egg ever. "Sweeter than normal eggs" he said. To be honest I could not taste the difference, but I was nevertheless super-stoked to be eating our first little home grown goog.

Good girls. I wonder which of you is responsible?


  1. How fantastic! How wonderful to finally have eggs! I wonder how big Silky eggs get?

  2. I've been told not to expect them much bigger than that. They are rather little chooks.

  3. I adore the expression on your little monkey's face! I have been having long conversations with my girls. They are full size now and I think only a week behind your silkies. I just counted up...they ar 19 weeks and twenty is when I expect them to lay. I will tell them about your post tomorrow....maybe it will encourage them to come to the party or at least to the nest box!

  4. Congratulations!!!! it is always eggsciting when the first eggs show up. They tend not to get any larger, although to begin with they may be a little odd shaped.

    One of our chickens laid perfect little golf balls for the first couple of weeks. She then got the hang of it and they became typical egg-shaped.

  5. Ha Daffodil. That's weird isn't it round ones.
    Hazel I hope it works.

  6. It's so exciting isn't it. I didn't notice any difference in taste either. I always bought free range organic eggs anyway so they should be just as good but I love the way the white stays in a nice round shape and doesn't spread everywhere when you make poached eggs.

  7. Oh congratulations - what clever chookies you have. Now if they could have a word with mine, who have stopped laying completely!

  8. So exciting, may it be the first of lots and lots and lots :)

  9. I can feel the excitement:). I wonder if the chooks have special treat today for their wonderful present.

  10. Must be a really amazing feeling to get your very own home-laid eggs! When I buy eggs from the Farmers' Market they are always much nicer than shop-bought ones - and the yolks are always darker yellow (almost orange).

  11. hey! nice post, thanks for sharing ur fun. Its such a proud and feel good moment when we involve children in all this, its like passing on a legacy.

  12. Woo hoo very eggciting!! The eggs will stay small. But yolks so yellow! Our yolks are a bright yellow when cooked I think cos of all the grass they eat. Very different to even organic 'free range' store bought eggs.

    You know you can paint the bottoms of your girls in different colours (use non toxic kids paint) and it'll colour the eggs laid so you can tell who is laying what!

  13. Greenfumb I will try poached eggs and see what happens. I usually make a mess of poaching. Ali do your chickens stop laying over winter... Oh just remembered you live in sunny Qld- what's their problem?
    Thanks Caitlin :)
    M.K girl, I forgot to give them a treat!
    Mark, maybe I don't have a very refined palate but I can't taste a difference!
    Yes Manish it's exciting for the kids. And it's revived their interest in eggs for bekkie.
    Mrs Bok are you serious? I'm not sure I'll be painting any fluffy chook botts. I think only one is laying at the moment and it's Fluff or Puff. Eldest Monkey Boy checked the box this morning and disturbed her in the act. She was not too happy and gave him a peck. Can't say I blame her I get cranky when the monkeys interrupt me attempting my business too.

  14. Nice one VG. I wish my hens would start laying again. Most of them have their feathers back after their yearly moult, so anytime now would be good.

    I remember the first egg from my hens, it was so tasty. We have not had to buy eggs since Sept 2008. Very eggciting!

  15. Congratulations, and lovely for the kids :-)

  16. Lovely memories for the littlies, I remember when as a child how exciting it was to collect fresh eggs from our pet chickens. x

  17. One way you can sometimes tell who is laying is to rub their backs either side of the tail (assuming they will let you). If they crouch down and/or stamp their feet, it is an indication of being fertile - they think you are the rooster. If they don't they are probably not the ones laying but I don't know if it is a foolproof way to tell.


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