Thursday, May 26, 2011


Weeds I Know and Don't Love.
A photographic journey through my weedy garden.
Weeds in the baby tears...
... and in the fern.

Weeds around the pond.
 Pretty jonquils in a mulch of weeds.
 Weeds climbing up the Kangaroo paw.
Weeds everywhere in the broad bean bed.
 I can't tell the leeks from the weeds.
And growing up the fence in the chook shed... giant weeds. You'd think the chooks would help me out a bit but clearly they're much too well fed.

Weeds look bad.
They suck the nutrients from the soil and inhibit the growth of nearby plants.
Weeds hide sneaky little pests like slugs and snails that come and eat my seedlings overnight. 
Weeding is a never ending, mind-numbing chore that I know I must do - but when the weather is gloomy I feel the same. Instead, I'm leaving my fingerless gloves on and my gardening gloves remain in the shed. I sit on the heating vent, look out to the grey and curse myself for the jobs out there I really ought to do.

I have confessed before to being a tad lazy and have just confirmed this with photographic evidence of the current state of things in my patch. I don't believe in magic and know I will have to do some work, but surely you gardeners out in blog-world have some tricks you can pass on to me. I used to mark year 12 exams and the only way I could get through the torturous hours in that week was to reward myself with a piece of chocolate after completing every five. I don't think that'll work for me with these weeds. How do you deal with your weeds when they're out of control?


  1. I find that I can circumvent my laziness by not intending to weed, but doing something else. I will be hanging out the washing and look down to see a weed and pluck it out. Next thing I know an hour has passed... and I have a whole pile of weeds to show for it. It is all a case of tricking the mind.

  2. You could try buying a plant then telling yourself you're not allowed to plant it until the weeding is finished. Of course I have had plants die of old age in the pot, so maybe not the best idea.

  3. Ugh, weeds suck. I try to pull them but they always come back. Hate weeding!

  4. Like African Aussie, i am often an accidental weeder. Otherwise, I just tell myself to do this one bed or section and often, once i get started i keep going. The thing that is driving me to weed at the moment is the imminent arrival of overseas visitors. LOL My sister even offere to come and do a day's labour...and i will definitely be taking her up on it!

  5. There's no magic cure, that's all I know! For me it is a case of pulling up a few weeds every time I go in the garden. That way they never do get totally out of control. Maybe you have to take drastic action and dig up a whole area, weed it thoroughly, and start again. The weeds need light to live, so maybe you could cover an area with a tarpaulin or something and deprive them of light?

  6. Unfortunately we as gardeners are all cursed with weeds. The choice you are facing now is do I take back control of my garden today or allow the weeds to win today? The problem with that is that weeds tend to multiply overnight, and tomorrow you'll have double the work.

    Good luck in your war with weeds.

  7. African Aussie that is a good idea. That works for me too - when it's warmer. I need to toughen up I think.
    Ha good one Missy - incentive - that might work.
    Yep glad someone's with me on this one meemsync.
    Nothing like visitors to inspire a cleaning frenzy at my place too Hazel. You've reminded me that I have a friend with no garden who has offered to help me in the past - might invite her over.
    Mark you've got to be joking. I am waaaay too lazy to dig up an area and start all over again. I'll leave that sort of sensible, dedicated gardening to you and your ilk!
    Ferdi Nel - I hear you. Sigh.

  8. My garden, I'll admit, looks very similar. Its spring here, so we've had day after day of rain, which really makes me avoid garden work.

  9. It is a tough one. I think in the end it boils down to how you want the end result to look.... and just work at it little by little. Ha! I can talk, if you could see our garden lol. cheers Wendy

  10. "Weed" be foolin ourselves if we think we are ever going to beat the weed and why is it that weeds grow in summer and winter, not even Jack Frost can kill our weeds !!!
    don't feel bad, your not alone :o)


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