Monday, June 6, 2011

Soup and Savoury Scone

I've mentioned before that I love a good soup. And my monkeys do too. Except Monkey Man. To him food is fuel, but soup is not fuel enough. He won't complain if I dish it up mind you - I just know he's not that happy. Despite this, I've been serving up a bowl of soup for the family twice a week this winter. Mostly, because I know littlest monkey will eat it. He's such a fussy thing. In a meal he'll pick off all the green veggies no matter how small I cut them. Actually, he'll pick off the red, yellow and white veggies too. But soup he'll eat if it's blended and served with bread. My rule is he has to dip each mouthful of bread into the soup. And if he wants more bread he has to eat three big mouthfuls of the soup on its own before he gets it. Nothing like making a whole bunch of rules at mealtime for an enjoyable dining experience!

Anyway, I'm soup crazy at the moment. And I do like to make my Monkey Man happy too so I've been trying to cook bread with it to make a more substantial meal. All the monkeys make yum-yum noises when it's bread hot from the oven for dinner. Lately though, I've been too busy or disorganised to make bread as well as soup. But I've come up with an alternative. The savoury scone. A savoury scone only takes a few minutes to make and a few minutes to cook. It requires no sitting about waiting for a rise and it tastes delicious with bread. Now I'm no scone-maker. I've never even made real scones before but I've googled about and experimented with the savoury scone and come up with something that's easy, tastes good and is made from stuff you've already got - there's no way I'm heading to the shop for a tub of cream that I'll only use a tablespoon of. This scone is made with whatever herbs take your fancy from the garden and whatever cheese you have in the fridge. It's cooked like a big loaf of bread not cut into individual scone bits. A guaranteed winner with soup. Here 'tis.

Savoury Scone
• 2 cups self raising flour
• 1 tablespoon butter
• 1 tsp salt
• 1 cup milk
• handful of herbs finely chopped
• 1 cup grated cheese

Mix the flour and salt together with the butter using your fingers to make a crumbly mixture.  Combine with the herbs and cheese.  Add the milk to make a soft sticky dough.  Knead it for a teeny bit. Put some baking paper on a tray and flatten the dough onto it. Squish it until it's about 2 1/2 cm thick. Using a knife make indents in the dough where you'll cut it when cooked.  (This step isn't necessary but it makes it easier at the table and looks nicer I reckon). Brush the dough with a little extra milk. Cook in a moderate oven for approx 25 minutes or until cooked through the middle.


  1. I must admit to being a bit wary of the savoury scone, but this one looks great, and I have never thought to serve it up with soup.

    I will give it a go VG!

    ps I am kind of with MM... soup just isn't a full meal in my books!

  2. Ooo there's no more word verification! Or has there not been one for a while? I love no verification :)

  3. when i was a child I HATED soup,I mean really hated it ,I cried if it was served...then I married a soup loving man and have soup loving children and so I have some to love it myself..but it still amazes me when we make soup my children want bowl after bowl and everytime i tell them the story of how as a child i cried when soup was served and they think I was a spoiled child LOL

  4. Looks good...but I prefer my scone with jam and cream. Love soup too.

  5. Oooo...that sounded negative...I just mean I am a sweet tooth..a fat sweet tooth!

  6. I am not very good at baking. It scares me especially if I have to use yeast. Yours is something I can follow to make. My youngest is soup crazy. Very good idea.

  7. I love good scone! Any sort! With soup is tops. Yum.

  8. My youngest son is the same. "What's for tea Mum", "Soup", "Right, but what's for tea?" So I usually make some sausage rolls and garlic bread to go with it but your scone looks very tasty. Will give it a try.

  9. I'm not much of a scone girl myself Mrs Bok but I do recommend this.
    Hope you try it MK girl - I don't think you can go wrong.
    Hazel I'm the opposite. A savoury girl. Don't much like sweet things but give me a chip and salt, yummo. In fact my workmates joked when I was pregnant with littlest monkey that my baby would slide out on all the oily chips I'd consumed during pregnancy. Not so funny now I think about it!
    Ha Joufulhomemake. Nothing like your own kids telling you you were a spoilt child! Anyway, glad you've turned.
    Ali I look forward to hearing how it went. Soup is definitely a full meal. Especially if it's minestrone or something with legumes in it I reckon. Yep I got rid of the word verification recently. Followed Hazel's discussion on her blog one day some weeks ago. Took me a few weeks of thinking before I finally took the plunge.

  10. Is a savoury scone the same thing as a damper? I have read that in earlier days, Aussies oot in the Outback who couldn't bake traditional-style bread used to make "damper" in their billycans. True or False??
    Your scone also sounds like Irish Soda Bread.

  11. Great idea VG. My man doesnt really like soup either!
    Mark - The difference between damper and scones is that usually there is no rubbing of butter into the flour (or butter at all). It was usually powdered milk and water with flour or the most basic, flour, water and salt...

  12. Your little one sounds just like my youngest grandson, but soup and homemade bread he wolfs down and asks for more.
    Your scone is such an easy alternative I will make it for after school snack today. x

  13. I like cheese and herbs scones the best! I should remember this next time a make a soup :-).


  14. Veggiegobbler, I did fail to mention that if I am cooking, then soup is most definitely a full meal. As are scrambled eggs, and at a pinch, cheese on toast.

  15. Oooh, love a savoury scone. Yours is looking delish ;) And soup, any kind of soup makes the perfect meal with it!

  16. I made these last week for dinner. Huge hit! Thanks for the recipe and inspiration :)


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