Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Holiday Job Done...

Remember that old washer I decided to turn into a water feature in our garden in this post

Well look!

Every morning this week I've been braving the elements to work on this mosaic. Today I finished. In fact 30 minutes ago I finished and my fingers are still burning and numb from cold as I type this.

It's not perfect - in fact little bits fell off as I was grouting this morning. Which certainly made me curse. But didn't stop me rubbing in a frenzy to finish the bloody thing.  Truth is, the last couple of days I've been hanging out for it to be finished. I'm the impatient type. Once I start a job I have to finish it. Unlike Monkey Man who likes to make a huge mess at the start of a job and then nearly finish, leave the mess sitting for a few weeks and then conveniently forget to finish the started job.

But yesterday - I persuaded Monkey Man to finish plastering the laundry. And he has. Nearly. We've had big sheets of plaster propped up in our hallway against the bookshelf for four years. I remember when the delivery man plonked the first lot there and looked dubiously at Monkey Man. He said he wasn't supposed to leave sheets of plaster like that, especially where there are children around, because it is dangerous if they fall. Monkey Man assured him that they'd be up on the walls as quick as sticks and not to worry. Hmm. Well those sheets were drilled up onto the walls but they were quickly replaced by others as the next bit of wall needed doing. And ever since then there have been bits of wall that need plastering and bits of plaster up against that bookshelf wall. Until last night.

It took Monkey Man the entire day, but he did manage to get three big sheets of plaster glued and drilled up onto the ceiling with the help of an enormous piece of hired machinery and intermittent assistance from myself and Eldest Monkey Boy. The contents of our laundry are currently scattered all over our living area and Monkey Man was considering bringing them back in because he thought his job was done. Until I had a little hissy fit. Was he serious? Did he really think that I wanted a laundry that wasn't even patched and sanded and painted?! I know it's only a laundry but finish the job! Anyway, since that little rant I have had a dance in our cleared up hallway. And ticked off a couple of holiday jobs in my little black book:
•  mosaic the washer - tick
•  get Monkey Man to remove the plaster in the hallway - tick
•  convince Monkey Man to finish plastering the laundry - half tick

and the next job on the list...
•  write our wills.

Yep. Married, two kids, early 40s and no will. Must thrash through this one so I can stop worrying about what'll happen to the kids if Monkey Man and I both cark it following a ladder incident while attempting to patch the laundry ceiling.


  1. Oh thank you so much! I know you did it or me. That washer is so, so, so much less scary now. i almost like it!

  2. VG - this is fab & well worth all the angst! Lol re sheets of plaster. Sounds familiar.

    re Will - I had to drag DH by the ear to update ours recently. Hadn't updated in 20 yrs! He seemed to think something drastic would happen the minute he signed. It didn't.

  3. what a beautiful job! who would have thought you could transform that into such a thing of beauty. You can have a will drawn up free through the public trustee in Australia. Just go to the court house and they will set it up. Here is a link

  4. sorry I forgot you weren't in Queensland - but am sure they do it in all the states.

  5. My husband is still sanding walls in our sinkS, Tapware, spouts, toilet and bath were bought pre gst..yes, 1999...they have been in boxes all that time, we had the tiling done last xmas time....the tiles were bought pre gst too but at least they are on the wall instead of a box...I have been waiting for over a decade for a bath...and still can not have one. YET..................I hope you get your laundry finished, and painted and it will make you feel so nice having a room done...even if it is the laundry....

  6. Oh, sorry, I was going to comment on your lovely wringer....
    my nana had one like that, used to scare the pants off me that I would get my fingers caught in it....I think it looks wonderful...what else are you going to mosaic?

  7. Pleased to hear it's not so scary now Hazel. D.D. - glad nothing bad happened post will signing. It is something that you'd rather not think about. African Aussie Thanks for the link but I got will book from the post office and have been following that. Just need to finalise and sign now. Suzanne you sound like your renovations are in a worse state than mine! I hope you eventually get a bath. Next I'll continue with some pavers with the kids to go around the chook shed.

  8. wow! i'm impressed! good job .... and as a fellow sydneysider .... i KNOW the weather you've been braving this past week! (actually .... we're in the blue mountains .... egad! the trees have come down everywhere!)

    job well done! and on a day like today .... doesn't it feel like spring is on the way?

  9. Re plaster-board: perhaps you should mosaic one of the sheets just to make the point that they seem like a permanent fixture...

  10. The mosaic looks wonderful. I especially love the snail.

  11. that is exactly like my first washing machine, a simpson. Of cause without the mosaic, which is beautiful (the mosaic that is)not sure about the washer. Maybe plants covering the non mosaic parts.

  12. Yep Jeanetteann, I'm trying to grow a bunch of plants around the base.
    Thanks Judith. :)
    hmm Mark, think I'll have a mosaic rest for a bit.
    Maggie, I'm actually in Melbourne. Not sure what it's been like in Sydney. We haven't had big storms where I am but it's been cold.I wish I could say that today felt like spring was on its way ... But it was cold and it didn't.

  13. Bugger me..that is beautiful...i really love it..they neighbour has one sitting in his pile of jumk he calls his yard might see if i can pry it out LOL...I am so old that i actually used to wash my oldest sons cloth nappies in one almost the same

  14. WOW!!!!!!!! The pot I bought from Bunnings over a month ago ..... is still sitting on the front porch waiting but I did locate the whereabouts of the tile glue/ cutters etc about a week ago so there may be some action soon!!! How long did it take you to do? Feel free to lie ha ha..
    ps You can finish the bottom bit in spring....

  15. Wonderful!
    But did people once wind that top wringer by hand? That is terrifying!
    By the way, you can get these electronic cat deterrant gizmos which are supposed to help keep cats out of your yard (I'm supposed to be a greenie but I quite like cats, still, if they're a problem could be worth a shot)

  16. Hearts in Asia - people really did have to wring their clothes by hand with that thingy. I must stop whining about the housework I do because I am so spoilt. I've moved on from the cats. It's been so cold I haven't seen them ... also I think I was suffering badly from PMT.
    Shangri La I've been working on it for two weeks but planning to do it for months. The hardest part was deciding what I'd do on it. All the books I'd read recommended drawing up your designs first ... but I didn't. I had a couple of ideas in my head but just let it evolve and hoped for the best. Do start on your pot - the starting is the hardest.
    Joyfulhomemaker yes go get his washer. I think once my plants grow it'll look pretty nice. Wow you must be old!!!

  17. That's a beautiful job. I'm yet to have a proper go at mosaic. It's something I've been wanting to do for ages.I'll get to it one of these days

  18. You did a great job VG! I'm with you regarding wills. In fact the morning of our flight out on our holiday, we dashed into the newsagent, grabbed a legal will kit, filled it out and had it stamped at the cop shop. Because I had flashes of what if?? running through my mind. Stress!

  19. You've done a great job, the mosaic is gorgeous, almost inspires me to have a go at one. :)

  20. It looks beautiful, you are very talented! Yes, write your wills, it is important.


  21. Ha ha, this post made me laugh with the unfinished jobs. Oh how familiar that is!

    The mosaic looks wonderful.

  22. I take off my hat to your amazing mosaic skills - that is BEAUTIFUL and an incredible way to repurpose something. :)

  23. Where do my comments go? I sometimes wonder... I wrote something quite witty I think, but alas it is lost.

    I adore your mosaic, it's a bit fabulous...

  24. Wow, that's cool!! Creative work on a great find!


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