Friday, July 1, 2011

Yippee an Award

Well thank you Hazel for my blogger award! I am enjoying my moment in the spotlight. In fact, despite being winter, we have been having lovely blue skies lately so I might go stand in a patch of sunlight today and bask.

Like Hazel, I'm not so keen on answering tricky questions about myself so I'm glad too that this award comes with simple instructions to pass on to five others. So here are five versatile bloggers I've come to know and love.  Enjoy and pass on dear blogger friends.

1.  Funkbunny.  She was one of the first blogs I came across.  When I saw what she was doing it inspired me to start my own blog. She blogs on Mondays about things she grows and what she's been making in the kitchen. And she's very handy with a needle and thread.

2. Christine from Slow Living Essentials.  She seems to know how to do everything. I wish she was my next door neighbour. Want to build a wood fired oven? She knows.  Make your own soap, crochet, dye, preserve, make bread... she can tell you how. This week she even told us how to make a conditioner for your hair with rosemary. I'm almost inclined to try it except I have a very big mop of knotty, curly hair and I just don't think rosemary will do it for me.

3. Gavin from the Greening of Gavin. Like me, he lives in the West of Melbourne and he's made an inspiring green change. His blog is fully of interesting and informative stuff - like how to make all sorts of cheeses (which I'm not yet inspired to try) and how to get the most out of your solar panels (which I have been inspired to try).

4. Mrs Bok from The Bok Flock. She has plenty of helpful advice on all things garden and chooks. Like all the other blogs awarded here, I read her religiously. I had conjured an image in my mind of what she might look like and was rather shocked when she posted a picture recently to discover that she is rather glamorous and has most un-feather like hair.

5. Shinshu Life.  She blogs about her life in Japan. She's an English language teacher but also manages to cook, farm, grow lots of veggies and mothers two young kids. I'm recently enjoying her postings about a bunch of baby ducklings she's mothering and a rice field she's preparing.  Phew, where does she find the energy? Not only that, but I've nominated her because I'm a bit of a fan of nepotism when it works in my favour! And she just happens to be Monkey Man's cousin's daughter.


  1. Qww! Now I wish I had written a little about each of my awardees! There are a couple of blogs there, I haven't seen, so I am off to look. Ta!

  2. Well done Veggiegobbler! We do enjoy your writing, whatever you may think, and it's good to give recognition where it's due.


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