Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Update and an Award

Well, I've been busy, busy, busy and have neglected to blog for a whole week. So here's a little update on what's been happening and a few things I'd been blogging about recently.

Those grow your own mushrooms I bought a month ago have done nothing. Absolutely nothing. Despite my vigilance with daily water sprays and keeping them in the dark, no mushroom has grown. I am tempted to throw the lot in the compost but I'm hoping that if I just give them a few more days I'll see some movement. So I will persist.

Thank you to all for your comments regarding my dog contemplations. Thank you especially to the vast, overwhelming majority of you who wrote exactly what I wanted to hear... that I should get a dog and that I'll have no problems whatsoever with doggy training, digging up the garden or mauling my chooks. Well that wasn't exactly what you said but that's how I choose to interpret it. In fact, Monkey Man has stopped thwacking his head into his hand and has reached a state of doggy acceptance. So I am contemplating a shi tzu or shi tzu poodle cross but I will be patient (I know doesn't sound like me) and wait 'til later in the year when we return from a little holiday.

After a two year hiatus, finally, some action on the house renovation. Monkey Man agreed to getting a quote from an actual professional to finish off the plastering. And when he realised that it wasn't too expensive we booked him straight away and plastering has started. For the first two days I was excited and happy as can be. Especially because the tradie turned up on the day he said and on time! But my excitement has quickly turned to despair. Anyone who has lived through plastering knows the mess and chaos that it creates. And every single room is being worked on simultaneously. We were re-stumped last year so there are massive cracks and chunks of plaster falling off in every room. In fact a bookshelf was holding up the wall beside the fireplace in our lounge room. So although we don't have to re-plaster every wall, we do have furniture piled up in one half of ever room. Getting covered in dust. And as it is that time of month for me, last night I was navigating my way through the chaos and bawling at the enormous chore that faced me this morning - moving the kids' toy shelves to the other side of the room. I am prone to tears at the best of times but when the monthlies come along I'll bawl about anything. This month I reckon I have an excuse.

Anyway, on the first day of plastering our tradie was busy working in the bathroom and the front door was wide open because he was in and out with his plastering bits. Monkey Man and I were both working from home too. Then Monkey Man came and told me he'd just had a chat with a fella who was standing at the door looking about. When Monkey Man saw him, he asked directions to the train station. I said it all sounded highly suspicious and he was probably about to rob us. Which made Monkey Man laugh and made me feel a little guilty about my lack of faith in humanity especially after recently blogging about my failings in this area. But sure enough five minutes later... Monkey Man went to the car and witnessed a police chase and the bloke was caught and handcuffed a couple of doors up! Apparently he had been thieving all over the street.

So I will continue in my nasty, distrustful eye-narrowing ways for now because my instincts have again been proven correct. Lucky he didn't take off with my greenhouse at the front door because those seeds are happening. Greenhouses are wonderful and I recommend one to all veggie growers.

And finally, the lovely Fiona from Arboredale Farm has given me an award. Thank you so much. It does feel wonderful to read comments and get responses from people out there in blog-world.

This award is given to bloggers with under 200 followers. The rules are to:
•  Thank the giver and link back to them.
•  Nominate 5 others and let them know with a comment on their blog.
•  Copy and paste the award to your blog.
•  Have fun blogging.

1. Well, firstly I would like to nominate Hazel at Hazel Dene for this award because I do religiously read her blog. But of course she's already been double nominated for the same award! Nevertheless I will nominate her anyway because there's nothing I can see in the rules to stop a triple nomination.
2. And I would like to nominate Ali from Mud Pie because I also read her religiously and because she's bloody hilarious.
3. Funkbunny was one of the first blogs I started to read and helped to inspire me to start blogging myself so she gets one.
4. Mark from his English Veg Plot is always making useful comments and he is a wealth of veggie gardening wisdom so he gets one from me too.
5. And finally Mrs Bok from the BokFlock deserves an award today because she's clearly going a bit bonkers contemplating nappies for a chook.


  1. EEK! Thanks VG :)

    I was going to grab a glasshouse from bunnings on the weekend but was driven by credit card guilt and put it back :( But now I'm more motivated to go right back and grab it! :)

    Horrible about that thief but SO GOOD he got caught. Just think, your future dog will alert you to any dodgy behaviour!

    We have a crumbling house - not that you do! - but I get you with the plaster and restumping. We have a major reno coming up in the next few years pending savings ability. I'm dreading it.

  2. Sorry about the mushrooms! Maybe ask the supplier if there is something more that you can/should do, or get a replacement! I know that they like to be warm and always damp...


  3. Ooo I was so very excited over my award and then I got distracted by chook nappies... CHOOK NAPPIES!

    Thank you very much for the award - did you know that you were my first "real" follower? Real honest to goodness stranger follower, everyone else I either knew from online somewhere or I had told them they had to follow me so I wouldn't look like a loner. So you have always had a special place in that place in my heart which is reserved for blogging. And now to get an award from someone in my special place. Good lord, it's just all a bit special. I am humbled.

    In regards to the rest of your post, plastering sounds like a freaking nightmare. What colour are you going to pain the plaster afterwards??

  4. Oh yes Mrs Bok our house is crumbling too. Although after today most of it is patched and just looks awful.
    I will ask them Alessandra because it is about time for some more exotic mushrooms from the market.
    I didn't know that Ali. I thought you were an experienced veteran blogger when I came along. You must have had a lot of "real" friends before I signed. I am pouring over colour charts at the moment. I don't know. I do love purple and I'm thinking a light grey in the bathroom with dark purple trimmings and on the chimney. But Monkey Man hates grey. So I will try to sell it to him as silver. And then it's onto the kids room which I don't know because they both are having a say and have different tastes.

  5. As usual, you made me laugh out loud with out escapades into plastering and home renovation! I despair at my own house that is slowly disintegrating due to lack of funds but at least I now know that I'm not alone!!!
    I've just started blogging and am a long way from awards, but if any of you have 5 minutes to check out my site, I'd really appreciate your
    Thanks for great site and for keeping me sane! x

  6. Thanks for the Award nomination VG! I'm flattered... It's against my principles to participate in these things (as you probably know if you have read about my "Mark's Veg Plot Chilli Award"), but it's nice to know that what I write is appreciated by someone.
    The resepect is mutual, you know, because I really enjoy reading your entertaining blog, which covers stuff that is so completely different to my own experiences.

  7. Oooh thanks! Must get blogging...


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