Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Winter Wednesday ... the End is in Near.

Buds on the plum tree
It's taken me weeks to finally hook up with Hazel's Winter Wednesday posts. Remember on that first week of winter when I posted about turning over a new leaf and things to love about winter and appreciating all the seasons even this rotten, miserable one?

Well I tried. I didn't complain about the cold nearly as much as usual. And I did get out in the garden much more than in the past. And I did manage to grow some veggies. So that's a big improvement on previous years and I'm inclined to give myself a pat on the back - because I need encouragement even when it's only from me. But not too big a pat because I couldn't find anything positive to contribute to Hazel's Weekly Winter Wednesdays. Until today. I can manage today a little rave about winter again - how wonderful it is ... because it's nearly over. Yay.

According to my countdown to spring there are only 21 days to go. Last week was as warm as can be for winter. In fact we had our hottest August night on record with a minimum of 17.3ÂșC and yes the radio stations were playing a lot of Neil Diamond the following day.

But even though the weather has gone back to its usual dreary wintry self, there's a spring in my step 'cos I see signs of spring everywhere at my place.

1. Monkey Man whipper snippered the grass on the weekend. That only happens at the end of winter. 
2. I pulled up all the weeds in my dormant veggie patch and realised that a bit of sun was actually shining on this patch. Soon I'll be able to plant a crop there.
3. There are buds on the plum tree (see pic above)
4. Life coming back to the fig tree.
5. And finally, last week we had rainbows. Who doesn't love a rainbow? My little monkeys apparently. They were too engrossed in their daily ration of screen time. Apparently a game of plants vs zombies is far more entertaining than looking at a real life rainbow from the window. Hmph. Anyway, we had lots of rainbows last week. Daytime rainbows and double rainbows and morning and dusk rainbows. This snap was taken by Monkey Man just as the sun was going down. Now you can only have rainbows when there's rain and sunshine. So I'll take the sunshine as another sign that spring is almost here.



  1. I reckon that is the same rainbow I photographed last week when I was in was a stunner with that two tone sky above and below. Thanks for playing again...even though you hate!

  2. Yeah Hazel I didn't want to say anything but what was going on with you and all the full stops???

  3. We appreciated the many rainbows out our lounge room window last week too - including Miss Two. We had a week of singing all the rainbow songs we could think of, which wasn't many so it did get a little repetitive. Love your photo, beautiful.

  4. Aren't the buds encouraging? Imagine if we lived somewhere where it actually gets REALLY cold!

  5. Its kind of wonderful when you can feel the air a little warmer and smell spring just around the corner.Good luck with your new garden bed,any ideas what you might plant? I hate to brag but in 18 days I'll be in Summer on the other side of the globe.Yeppieeeeeeeeeee

  6. Lovely rainbow photo. I notice a flock of birds flying through the rainbow, which just adds a bit of something special.

  7. Oh I would give anything for a rainbow. And it really is a lovely photo... I always seem to forget to comment on it, but I have always loved your photography :)

    ps winter is soooo over here :D

  8. Newgoodlife I've almost forgotten the tedium that can be the toddler years. You made me smile at similar memories.
    Aaaah Rose I could never live somewhere where it was actually cold, I am way too much of a whiner.
    Andrea, lucky you!
    Yes Mark I chose that rainbow shot because of the birds. Nice touch I thought. Unfortunately, Ali monkey man gets the credit 'cos he took that photo. I will compliment him from you.

  9. I can feel it... today was warm... oh so pleasant! I love all seasons but I love hot seasons more :-)

  10. I'm like you. Cannot wait for Spring! Love seeing the buds on our plum trees too hooray! And there have been so many rainbows lately. Still I'm craving sunshine!

  11. I like to spy on trees now and watch whether it has buds on it or not. Promising spring is near :).

  12. I am counting down the days until spring too, I am over winter! I love your rainbow photo! Your Monkey Man has a bit of photography talent going there!


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