Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flu & a Spring Garden Wander

All the monkeys in my house are dropping like flies with a particularly bad strain of the flu this week.  It's roaring fevers and sniffing and lolling about on the couch watching endless ABC TV for everyone. Except me. I'm running about being Martyr Mum - do you want tissues with that? More water? Fluff your pillow? Panadol? A dry biscuit? One of those re-hydrating icy poles? In between running about after all the Monkeys I'm furiously washing my hands with those disinfectant hand washes and averting my face from sneeze sprays directed my way. I refuse to drop with the flu - I've got too much work that can't be cancelled. Parents have been invited to all of my drama classes to participate with their kids this week. And I've only just managed to clean up from the plastering chaos of last week. No painting has been started as yet of course. We are just too bloody busy. I think it is always this way at this time of year for me. Bring on the holidays.

But because of my duty to you dear blog readers, I forced myself to slow down, take a deep breath and wander through the garden. And I'm feeling the better for it. This morning we got a bit of rain which was good because everything was super dry. I really must hook up a drip irrigation system to the tanks this year. I do enjoy standing about giving the garden a water but our tank doesn't have a pump so it is slow. And this summer I'll have three extra veggie patches to water. So, I'll take you with me on my little spring garden tour.

Lots of flowers and colour.

Lovely tall broad bean stalks.
Broccoli still producing and some other brassicas with big leaves and nothing yet edible ... and I can't  remember what they are.
 Celery safe for now from those cheeky chooks.
  Potatoes popping up the top of their bin.
 Leeks and garlic going strong.
Silverbeet - the ever faithful and used daily along with perpetual spinach. And a sick-looking passionfruit vine in the background.
And lastly lots of herbs have all sprung back to life.

Happy sigh.


  1. *happy sigh* indeed. It looks gorgeous.

    I hope you survive the run up to the holidays...and beyond. It seems that most teachers remain upright till the last day of term...then fall horribly sick in the break...hope you dodge it all.

  2. Love the photos. Thank you. I hope you don't get the flu. It has just gone through my family and wasn't very nice. We felt like we were never going to get better. But we have, thankfully.

  3. The flu has been really bad this year! I hope everyone recovers soon and you don't fall victim VG!
    The garden is looking lovely! Have you got any celery growing tips?

  4. Hope your family is feeling better soon, andyou can stay healthy! The garden is looking great...

  5. there is nothing like a walk through the garden to lift ones spirits I find. I hope all the monkeys get well soon - you certainly do sound too busy to get sick.

  6. Your garden and photos look beautiful. I hope you don't fall victim to the dreaded lurgy - just keep charging on and don't look back!


  7. Your garden is looking great. Gotta love spring!!! Hope the family gets better soon, nothing worse than being sick when the weather is warming up.

  8. Hope you dodge the germs from the monkeys.
    Your garden certainly knows it's Spring. It's looking great.

  9. Your broad beans look great - I keep meaning to plant those ones with the scarlet flower but each year I forget to order the seed. I would love to know if they taste any different.

  10. You poor thing!!! I hope you all get better soon! My school breaks up in 2 weeks and I'm certain to go down with something within the first 2 days of hols!!! A teacher's lot I'm afraid.... Never mind tho, at least your garden looks divine! xxx

  11. It looks lovely. Well done! Hope the flu goes away soon.

  12. Your garden looks wonderful!
    Hope you escape the lurgy. We had the largeness last week. High temps ending with days of leg pain totally odd.
    Your potato bin is cute.

  13. I like that pansy growing in your watering can so cute. All your plants are doing well. Our silverbeet are tasting bitter, I am thinking of pulling them out. But I kept on delaying it. Look like you have many allium to harvest end of this year. Hope your sons has recovered from the flu.


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