Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Taste of Plaster Dust and the Weeny Egg... Again

Well I had to write apologetic emails to four journalists! Backyard chooks, the beginning of spring and cute pictures of weeny eggs are apparently just want the local media want to write stories about. But as you all now know I'm the shy, retiring type. And I'm content to keep my fame limited to my own blog. I'm rather embarrassed about it all actually.

So I decided to crack open that weeny egg and move on. It was a major disappointment. Nothing but white stuff. I was hoping for a perfectly formed weeny egg yolk that I could fry up and artfully place on a giant slice of toast before photographing and blogging it. But nope. Looked a lot like someone had snotted into the pan actually. So I decided to do without a photo. There have been too many mucusy hankies about our place lately so I couldn't bring myself to eat it either.

Golden Girl has continued in her broody way and remains cosy in her nesting box. She's so far missing out on the spring sunshine. My other chooks however are having a grand ole time escaping from their run to eat my veggies. Despite having free reign of the entire back end of the garden including under the trampoline they've managed to eat every skerrick of grass and understandably the veggie patches look much more interesting than their side of the fence. So I really should put some time into outdoor security but I've been completely preoccupied with indoor matters.

The plasterer finished on Friday and left a layer of plaster dust over every single surface of the house. There's dust in the sugar and in the pillows and on the plates and the taste of dust will not leave my tongue. I've been working myself ragged trying to clean everything and have turned into the crankiest mother around. But I'm almost done. Which is a relief because I organised a dinner party at my place tomorrow night and have nine women hoping to consume a dust free meal.

I've given up on plans to paint everything straight away. Choosing paint colours was doing my head in.

In fact this week everything was doing my head in. I had a bit of a melt down with the stress of it all. Things that normally don't bother me did. It felt like I was screaming and sooking every couple of hours or so. And because I was exhausted and there was dust everywhere and our pantry contents were emptied onto the lounge room floor and the pantry itself was plonked in the middle of the kitchen surrounded by plastic and big globs of errant plaster, we ate more take-away food than I remember ever eating. Which probably wasn't helping my mood.

But it's over now. So I'll move on.


  1. Oh God! All that talk of plaster dust everywhere reminded me of when we had the extensions done! I am not much into housework, but I became an obsessive, walking round with a damp cloth all the time and blowing my nose (and crying) every five minutes. But, yes, it ends and we move on - choose paint colours and when it's all over, we sit back with a nice cup of something (or glass) and say "Well, that wasn't so bad ..."
    Hold on to that thought VG :-) Greenie x

  2. Poor Veg. Have lovely time with your nine ladies . .. though if I had set myself up with such an event following on from this week, I think I would be in full tantrum mode...forget sooking!

  3. Ooo paint, paint, paint. I am a brilliant paint colour chooser. Freaking brilliant. And sooooo modest about my freak talent.

    What kind of colours are you thinking? Or is that the hard part?

  4. Can sympathise, have been there. Will be lovely when done so hold on to that thought!

  5. Oh Greenie I think I need the drink now though! Hazel they were supposed to come last week but I had to postpone - the scaffold and dust were in our way. So there's no more postponing. I've done tantrums last week... But there could be a few more in me. Ali I am a hopeless colour chooser. We're starting in the bathroom. I want purple. But MM won't let me do anything dark. Even though it used to be a bedroom so it is big. I was thinking of grey with some dark purple features... But MM hates grey! So I'm ummming over a pale purple.

  6. Thanks CT farm. Will keep reminding myself of that.

  7. Move on, yes, move on. I always feel my life is going berserk when everything is out of its place. But they are done and you will get settled back in again@

  8. "Some are born great; some achieve greatness; and some have greatness thrust upon them". Which category do you fit into???

  9. No weeny egg giant toast photo.....very sad here been following with intent, we had one last year, then, um lost it. Well it was small......

    I love painting and purple, MM wouldn't let me choose.....good luck with it all :)

  10. Thanks Hanni. Make, as my life isn't over yet I'll opt for every category. Orkneyflowers my MM will let me choose but he doesn't like all my suggestions! Ha. Did you lose the egg down the back of the fridge? I'm always finding revolting things that have slipped past the back shelf.

  11. Thanks for the post - as usual you made me smile.... As for your possible purple bathroom, please check out this site.
    About half way down there is a purple bathroom which is GORGEOUS. Big silver mirror, silver ice bucket with a purple washcloth rolled up .... all so GLAM and elegant. I LOVE it! Hope your MM is persuaded......

  12. Pity about the tiny egg being all white, I hope that the kids weren't too disappointed!

    I have a blog candy on if you are interested, if for my new book Party Food for Girls.

    Have a good weekend


  13. just think how nice it will be when it's finished and keep that thought in your head.

  14. Hi VG
    I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award cos I love reading your blog posts. Come to my blog ( to retrieve your award
    Greenie x


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