Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Festive Fallen Branch Friday

Here's my friend Emma's picture of her decorated fallen branch Christmas tree.

So, has anyone else put up their Chrissie tree yet?

Shamefully, after all my yacking and nagging to all of you - I haven't even done mine. Usually I hang out for December and Christmas cheer but I'm feeling a bit cheered-out already. New puppies are a bit like new babies. Well I am massively exaggerating, but they do require a fair bit of attention and I am suffering from sleep deprivation. My monkey boys wake up at the crack of dawn - 6am on the dot every morning. Then they turn their screen-sitter on for a while, get dressed, make their breakfast and feed themselves all before I have even yawned myself awake at 7.30am.

Up 'til now. Now I have to get up at the crack of dawn with them because they inevitably wake up Wokee who wants to play and bounce about. As well as bouncing about, she tends to have a lot of business to do first thing in the morning and without a vigilant eye she will do her business all over the place. Every rug in the living room has been annointed. Monkey Man's work papers which have piled their way from his desk all over the floor have also become a favoured spot to deposit a little doggy doo.
So consequently, I have kept up my routine of going to bed late but am suffering from getting up too early. And I have been busy starting a website for Eldest Monkey Boy's band (
...and I have been busy finishing off my classes for the year...

Anyway, that whopper of a rant was just a bunch of excuses to let you know that we haven't yet put up our tree. But I have made a start. I have pruned the lilac tree to make way for a doggy run down the side of the house and that branch will be our tree this year.

Here's a pic of the work in progress. See pruned branch with some of the leaves pulled off. I'll show you the finished product next week - promise.
Anyone else who has a tree, please email me a photo and I'll include it in next Friday's Festive Fallen Branch Friday post. Or if you have a blog you can link up here right now.


  1. Hi V.G,isn't amazing how a puppy can change a household! he is soo cute, and what clever boys learning to be independent they will make wonderful husbands. Well i have found a few branches to decorate but then i got sidetracked......well its easy to do
    have a good weekend!!

  2. I was thinking about it this year, but we really dont have the space for a tree. Good excuse hey? You must be so proud of your monkey with his band - great to see kids doing things like that. are you going to put a little video up?

  3. Hi Andrea. Yep easy to get sidetracked. Look forward to seeing the tree when you get around to it.
    Africaaussie, you don't need to make excuses! :) I'll put up YouTube videos as we go along.

  4. Mama! You rock! You may not be able to get your tree up but your monkey boys are so well trained and independent in the mornings! Wow! It won't be long before you whip that puppy into shape.

  5. Hi VG Our "puppy" is now 12 months old so I know whatyou are going through. A couple of tips for toilet training: a puppies bladder can not hold all night like an adult so until they are 3 months old they need to be taken to the toilet every 5 hours approx. I used to put Jessie to bed at 7 after a toilet trip (yes saying go toilet in an encouraging way) and then again at 10.30 - 11 I would wake her up take her out on the grass again repeat the process and then at 4am when hubby was getting up he would do it again. It seemed like a lot but there were no accidents so it obviously worked. We have a great dog trainer who provided us with some excellent information about all sorts of things so if you would like a copy email me your postal address and I will send it to you.

  6. I'm hoping to decorate this weekend, can't wait!

  7. Thanks for reminding me about the is so crazy here that I have mine half out of the box but never got any further...and now I want and find a branch to decorate as well! Gorgeous puppies!

  8. Wow Emma's 'tree' looks great!
    Wookeeeeeeeee is too cute. But every rug! Argh! Monkey Man's boss: 'so your dog ate, no sorry, pooped, on your homework' with skeptically raised eyebrow. Made me giggle a tiny bit.

  9. That tree looks great. I'm 100% behind a festive fallen treat.... Now I just have to go and find one.

  10. Have decided to go with your branch tree idea, we don't usually get into Xmas all that much but our little boy is super keen this year! Will link to my blog when done. Sounds like you are very busy. Cute dog!
    Best wishes, Bridget

  11. I just love that your eldest has a band AND it's own blog/ gig calendar!!

  12. Hello! I have just found your great blog thanks to a heads up from Hazel about your sticky Christmas tree linky, I have just posted about our stick tree so thought I'd join in, hope that's ok! I am into growing our food too, so i am going to follow your blog and keep up with how your gardens going, and thanks for all the great links to the local gardening blogs, lots of good reading to check out! Have a great week, Julie:)


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