Friday, November 25, 2011

Festive Fallen Branch Fridays

Were you around last December when I did my Fallen Branch Christmas tree thing?

Well I'm upping the ante this year and thought I'd do a weekly Friday Chrissie Tree meme! Yep. I am now so techno literate that not only can I upload a blog post but...I know what a meme is!

I'm a big lover of Christmas - any celebration actually and since having kids, Christmas has excited me no end. But the Christmas tree thing makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I've gotta admit I secretly like a bit of tack and tinsel but those artificial trees are just too much. And according to wikipedia it takes at least 20 years of re-using for an artificial tree to leave an environmental footprint as low as a real tree.  Real Christmas trees can be mulched when you're done, but you only have to take a look around the neighbourhood in January to see that lots of them aren't. Of course, those potted Christmas trees that are brought in and decorated each year aren't a bad choice but they've never appealed to me. Truth is I don't much like pine trees.

What I've been doing now for most of my adult life is to make a Christmas tree from a dead or pruned branch. Come 1st of December I've just taken a bit of a wander about my backyard or the neighbourhood or park and found myself a branch, plonked it into a bucket and decorated it. And I reckon my fallen branch Christmas trees look bloody good.
2009 Christmas tree made with a pruned Silver Princess Eucalyptus branch.
Now I know from last year that some of you do this too but I'm really surprised that I don't see more of them around.

So this year, I'm sticking my neck out and doing a real plug for the fallen branch thing.

Will you join me?

Go find yourself a branch or prune a tree. Stick it in a bucket and get decorating. Link up to me on Fridays during December. If you don't have a blog you could email me your pic and I'll wack it in a collage on my Friday posts. Now I know some of you are very attached to the smell of Christmas and a traditional Christmas tree. And I get that. But you can join me anyway by making an extra tree for outside or the table or another room.

I thought good and hard to come up with a name for my Chrissie tree meme and I'm afraid "Festive Fallen Branch Fridays" is what I came up with. I know. Lame. Never mind, pretty soon it'll be rolling off our tongues.

Now, if you're super-organised or super-excited about Christmas and already have your fallen branch Christmas tree done, you could link up here now.  (That's you Dixiebelle - I saw your goregeous bit of work this morning. And you Hanni - you're pretty amazing with a tomato cage).

Or you could wait 'til next friday - or the week after...

Now, I'm taking this Festive Fallen Branch Friday business seriously. I'm even facebooking my intentions. And I'll be nagging my friends and rellies for their pics. You wait and see.

Chrissie trees from last year


  1. That's a pretty cool idea. But, I'm from the number one Christmas tree exporting area in the world- if you buy a Christmas tree, there is a good chance it was grown here in Oregon.

    We normally use a live tree in a pot, then plant it the next spring. We have a whole line of trees along the road from this tradition.

  2. Great idea!

    Yep, ours is up already... we've been doing Christmas branches instead of a tree for a few years now (my mum did it when we were teenagers & I also loved these ones ). Last year we added 'Twinkle Sticks' (fairy lights on willow, we had from our wedding!) which the kids loved (probably we didn't turn them very often, so it was special when we did). But this year, we are going away, so being quite basic... 'basic' as is in, no theme, just every decoration we own on the branches! One year I fancied the branches up with some glue & sprinkled on some metallic-sparkly powder stuff I had! But I like the contrast of nature with the decorations, ribbon & mini disco balls.

  3. Good on you K.Koira - you're excused!
    Dixiebelle, Oh twinkle sticks are a nice idea. I thought about painting my branch one year... But couldn't be bothered. Also, I agree with you I reckon natural looks better.

  4. What a lovely idea VG and I'm sure you will have a big response. I'd really love to join in. However, alas alack, with computer woes at the moment, I'm not able to download photos. I can only hope that things improve and I can join in later.
    I can remember my Mum talking about their Christmas tradition of doing this in her early years. Much more Australian isn't it? cheers Wendy

  5. No worries DD maybe you can fix your computer and join in later in December - I'll be doing something evere Friday til Christmas.

  6. Ooo I am thinking of a tree with a difference this year - not a fallen branch though... can I still link up?

  7. I really wanted to do one of these trees this year,I had done it a few years back. I hunted around but couldn't find a branch,so I sprayed my green artificial tree white and silver. I will link up if I can find a branch though. Will keep looking. Happy decorating, your pics are really nice of previous years. x j

  8. looking forward to seeing your creations Ali and jeannetteann.

  9. Hi VG, I just love the smell of the fresh pine tree and when xmas is over it usually gets put on the bonfire.(love to sit around a good bonfire with a glass or two). BUT i think its sort of wonderful your getting into the Xmas spirit (like us other bloggers were with winter) so yes i shall go for a walk this weekend and see what i can find, maybe a little table top branch.

  10. Yay Andrea. And I love a glass or two too... Anywhere really!

  11. Sold - I'll see if I can find a suitable branch - can I ask a favour in return though - you tell me what a meme is because I'm not yet very IT world savvy at all....

  12. Yay Liz. I guess a meme in blog world is an idea that is replicated, linked. Like Hazel did those winter Wednesday ones which I enjoyed. But lots of the time they're those lists of questions that you're supposed to answer and pass on - which I find tedious.

  13. Fab idea! I love decorated branches too. I'll be on the lookout.


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