Thursday, December 8, 2011

Festive Fallen Branch Friday

I am a complete duffa! I've been wondering all week why I couldn't see Andrea's tree from Harvest with Glee on last week's link up. And yet it was showing that there was one entry. Then Jules from little woollie posted but I couldn't see hers. So I did some further investigation and realised I'd filled in my linkylink thingo wrongly. I rectified it on Thursday - way too late. But the linkup to Andrea's is on the wrong page and I have no clue about how to fix that now. So sorry everyone. And then this morning I tried to electronically transfer funds from my bank to enrol in a summer workshop and it wouldn't bloody work. But this time it wasn't my fault. I'm not having luck with gadgets this week.

Anyway, Dixiebelle and Andrea and Jules have all done wonderful trees that you must check out!

I've done my tree too.  Well I should say that the Monkeys and I did our tree. But to be honest I am a control freak when it comes to tree decorating. And when I didn't like what they were doing I sneakily moved it over a bit and spread the tinsel around a bit more and slyly suggested that some decorations don't need to go on the tree this year (the ones I think are ugly). All so that my artistic tastes are satisfied. Oh yeah, I'm bad.

Here's our tree. The photos are not the best but I'm having a bad day with technology. What I like about our tree this year is the old metal bucket. Usually I cover it with Christmas material but this year the monkeys wanted to decorate the tree with some thick tinsel that they found in the box. And I didn't want them to mix their tinsels. So I suggested we fill the bucket and surrounds with it instead. So sneaky. So controlling.

And here's my mum's tree. This is the first year that mum has ditched her artificial tree completely in favour of a fallen branch one. She says it's because she's feeling lazy. But couldn't possibly be. Putting up a fallen branch takes just as much effort. I am taking full credit for this change in tradition!

Ah you wouldn't believe the trouble I just had trying to download those images. What's going on with the gremlins this week?

Now I'm pretty sure I've managed my linkup technical stuff properly this week. So if you have a Christmas tree that you've made from a fallen or pruned branch, please link up here.
And if you don't have a blog but would like to email me your picture so I can feature it next week, please do. Only two more Festive Fallen Branch Fridays to go. (Sorry - do I sound like one of those countdown to Christmas shopping adverts?)


  1. I have to admit that your Fallen Branch decoration has a certain attraction, but I'm going for a semi-traditional approach this year - a real fir tree (still growing, in a pot) with the addition of my chilli pepper lights just for something different!

  2. Well i see i have got to get busy to get my branch looking as good as yours and your mum's.
    Wish i had some little ones to help!

  3. Well I think this is the coolest idea ever. I had not seen one nor did I know it was a happening thing. Very fun!

  4. The trees look all good and ready for the big day !The best things I like about Christmas is - the cakes and the trees!!!
    Check this out if you wish -
    Which Ornament on Christmas Tree are you?
    Are you an angel or a star on the Christmas tree?

  5. Wonderful VG, I've added my link. Loving your tree in all of it's silver and red sparkly glory! :)

  6. "Monkey Man" and little "Monkeys"?
    And then the weather from Birmingham?
    It's no wonder that Google sent me over here to your blog.
    I'm from Birmingham (England) and my blog is called "Monkey-Organ".
    Nice to meet you VG. :D

  7. So fun to make a twiggy tree, they really show off the decorations. Know where you're at with the control freak, it's hard to let go. We've gone multiple trees but our live one is a weedy specimen.

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I don't think I could go back now after a twiggy Christmas. Just linked up- thank you :-)

  9. I so love this idea and am so hoping I get to try it next year when I will have a little more space.

  10. Oh I love this idea of using fallen branch tree for Christmas tree. This will be fun if I can find one and let my sons decorate it. This is so good rather than cutting a tree or using an artificial one.


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