Friday, December 23, 2011

Final Festive Fallen Branch Friday

I thought long and hard about how to make this last festive fallen branch friday interesting. And I failed to come up with any decent ideas. Well, actually I did come up with some decent ideas but they were at the beginning of the week and they required time and energy... and then I forgot about doing them. Well heck it is Christmas and all and I'm run off my feet with parties and gift giving and cooking and stuff. Yeah it's a hard life! Anyway, I put my promise of an interesting post to the back of my brain. Until 6am this morning when my children and puppy woke me demanding their attention. And once my brain unfogged and I remembered what day it was and my commitment to you I got in a bit of a panic.

And then I had a brainwave.

What is more festive than one of those cutesy hallmarky pictures of an exploited baby animal all dressed up in tinsel in front of a Christmas tree? And I have the perfect cutesy puppy just yelping for camera time. Naturally I have packed away all my spare tinsel, but I did have a Santa hat and at this hour of the morning I thought that would do the trick. So I propped Wokee in front of my fallen branch Christmas tree, turned on the lights and requested that she look appealing. And festive.

Those card makers obviously use loads of superglue and sedatives 'cos puppies don't like to sit still dressed in stupid costumes and look cute. But I did manage one or two festive enough pictures.

And then Wokee decided to eat the hat.

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Thank you to Phoebe for the picture of her tree which has been decorated with her Grannie's very old glass decorations. She tells me that she has been busy making jams for pressies and she has sewn them into bags on an old singer machine with material that she picked up from the hard rubbish. Inspiring!

If you have a picture of your fallen or pruned branch Christmas tree that you still haven't sent in and would like to, please link up here.

Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed their pic over this month. They have been lovely to look at. But you can rest assured that I won't be doing this again next year!

Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas.


  1. I love this YOU!. I actually did take a picture of a fallen branch Christmas tree in a very swanky shop in the U.S. But it is still on my D.I.L's phone, so I can't show you. But I was thinking about you.

  2. WOKEE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! I hope you have agreat chrissy!

  3. OOOOh,she's soooo cute,and I told you not to get a puppy/ I am glad you did'nt take heed of me,otherwise you wouldn't have this little cherub. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a safe, healthy,Happy New Year. xx jeanetteann

  4. Yep shes one CUTE puppy!!!Wishing you and your Monkeys a Very Happy Xmas and may your Beans and Tomatoes be plentiful !!!!

  5. I'd check what's inside that hat before you next wear it, if I were you...Wokee might have left you a little "present"!
    Happy Christmas to you all. Looking forward to following your adventures in 2012.

  6. Wokee could be a member of my family - we eat so much at Christmas I wouldn't put it past one of use to eat a hat.....Merry Christmas, have a lovely day.


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