Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mice & Terrariums

I have a new hobby.

Actually two new hobbies.

The first - Mouse Snapping. It's a sport I invented. Doesn't involve much physical exertion, just a little involuntary jump and a big cheer. Yep, we have a mouse problem at our place. Since constructing the shiny new red pantry they are locked out of their party room and have gone in search of dinner. All over the kitchen, across the benches, behind the bread box, inside the compost cupboard. At night as I settle in front of a screen I hear their frolicking and it makes my skin crawl. I purchased some traps from the local supermarket - but they don't work! For several weeks we were feeding them a lovely meal of peanut butter and they were happily scurrying off to the next trap without any snapping.

So on Sunday we decided to up the ante and bring in the big guns. We went to our local big barn hardware store where they have a very large selection of mouse killing tools. I was tempted by the noise emitting device that apparently annoys them away but Monkey Man was not impressed by the price. He attempted to lure me to the "humane" trap that catches them live and then you set them free. But I was having none of that. I remember when we did this a number of years ago. Monkey Man set them free in the vacant block of land next door. And I'm absolutely convinced that they merrily made their way back to their nest at our place for another night of feasting.

So we settled on slightly different versions of what we already had. And they work! Yep, three snapped Sunday night. Three more before bed last night. Every time I hear a snap I leap to the air with a yahoo that wakes Wokee the puppy.

I won't eat animals but I'll happily cheer the death of a mouse in my house.

My second new hobby is Terrariums.
Look what I made the other night between snaps and yahoos.

I've had a thing for carnivorous plants for the past few years. See the view from my sink as I do the dishes. 

This terrarium contains a venus fly trap and pitcher plant. Now in case you're planning your own, you don't use soil with carnivorous plants. I used a mixture of perlite and peat moss.

I have loads and loads of ideas for more terrariums which I promise to bore you with over the next few months. Although my hobbies tend to expire quickly. I have energetic, short bursts of enthusiasm before moving on to the next thing. So I'd better get cracking.


  1. Does that fly trap plant really work for catching flies? I've been looking at one in the local store and no one could tell me anything about the plant.

  2. How are the flies going to get inside the bottle? just wondering....
    I went very slowly through this post hoping you weren't going to show a photo of the mice. thanks for that.

  3. Hi Marina, the ones on my window sill occasionally catch flies. Africanaussie I will take the lid off sometimes. Or feed it a fly every so often. Apparently they don't need many feeds. Oh, and I seriously contemplated a picture of a mouse but spared you. And me. I did have to take a snap though because Littlest Monkey thought it might be a good show and tell item. Yuck!

  4. I have an old 2 ft fish tank I am thinking of converting. Yours looks great.

  5. Oh yes, do it Fiona. I saw lots that looked really good when I was googling. I only wish I hadn't given away my fishtank.

  6. Good luck with the mice hunting. We had them inside a few years ago and eventually got them all. They are living under the house at the moment which doesn't bother me unless they decide it might be nicer inside and then I'll join you in the yahooing at every snap.

  7. Your terrarium looks seriously lovely. You have a real eye for it.
    My neighbours are worried about our chooks attracting rats. We set a bait station, but I'm glad it's not a snappy type one. More like a quietly-munch-the-poison-then-slink-off-and-die type one.

    Good luck getting 'em all.

  8. Yeah, the difference between cute furry animal and horrible vermin is not that big... The best way to sort out a mouse problem though is to own a cat (if indeed such a concept is possible...)

  9. Bwahahaha! You are cracking me up with your description of your professional Mouse Snapping hobby. My parents had mice in their kitchen for a while...not fun! Too bad there isn't a Venus Mouse Catching Plant...

  10. I have sent a Blog award your way!

  11. Oh my. I'm sooooooooooo glad I'm not the only person with rodent issues. We've had our share of little visitors and I can't stand them!!! They're so quick! They run across my living room carpet like torpedoes and even my jack russell cross breed can't catch them.......! Peanut butter usually works for us but I'm glad you've found a trap that works for you! My son wants a venus fly trap. Are they difficult to keep??? lol xxx

  12. We are so lucky that we don't have any mice here - not one. We have rats instead. Yay.

  13. Argh mice...I found my flock killing and eating one a year ago. Uuughhhhh...

    Like your fly traps!

    We had a terrarium but it got filled up too much with Lego men.


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