Friday, April 13, 2012

Nature Strip Garden Sculpture

We had a tree out front on our nature strip that died a few years ago. And Monkey Man had an idea to turn it into a garden sculpture.

First we chopped it down to a manageable level and used two big branches as an arbor in the back garden.

Then Angie the Chainsaw Chick came along and set to work with her chainsaw.
When it came to painting, she employed the monkeys to help.
And we had a few lovely weeks to admire our little bit of artwork. Evidently, someone in the neighbourhood did too because we kept finding cute little toadstools deposited secretly at nighttime by a guerilla knitter.
Then one Saturday night I heard a bit of a drunken hullaballoo out front. Which I ignored because we are on a thoroughfare to the station and I'm often hearing a drunken hullaballoo out the front. But in the morning we discovered our sculpture had been ripped apart! Half of it was missing - fortunately discovered and returned by a passer-by at the station. So for over a year it sat a maimed broken colourful stick.

Until last week when our plumber decided to fix it for us.
Yay! Happy dance.

If you'd like to see my favourite, naturestrip garden in our neighbourhood, check out this previous post.


  1. that is so pretty - how terrible that it was vandalized, but glad that you got it back up again. I love that little toadstool! Isn't it amazing how it just takes one improvement to attract others to do the same.

  2. I so agree with africanassie. I also adore and applaud your optimism in carrying on. It made me smile...I hope it has the same affect on the vandals!

  3. So happy that your sculpture was returned to you and well done to your plumber.

  4. Bravo to your plumber! The sculpture certainly moves the otherwise rather dull nature-strip way upmarket. You do have some really artistic ideas. Most people would have had the tree removed altogether.

  5. It is now not just a sculpture, it's a monument to good winning over idiocy.

  6. I like it a lot. Nothing like a bit of artwork to liven up garden spaces. Well done to the plumber who helped fix it.

    Gav x

  7. Glad it's all back together now, it looks lovely and colourful. The mushrooms are pretty cute, too!

  8. Wow, I love it, but I also love the story and the community aspects too.

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  10. Its fabulous, glad its back together. Nice guerilla knitting too. I should show it to my neighbour as what she could do when she eventually has her trees chopped down.

  11. Looooove your sculpture and how adorable are those toadstools! Love it.

  12. A fantastic way to brighten up the nature strip( you would be amazed how many people's day you cheer up) , the little monkeys must be happy now all is restored.

  13. I love it! How fun! I don't have a nature-strip anymore... but maybe I should do add some paint to some tree trunks in my yard! Rach xx

  14. I love the sculpture and the little toadstool is so sweet.
    I read your other entry too, which was interesting as I'd not heard of nature strips before.


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