Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Window Dressing

The other day I realised that glass on a window looks rather lovely. When I cleaned out my pantry I decided these little jars that were housing spices were not very practical. So I lined them up along a window sill and put some green bits in them. Pretty.
Then I re-potted all the carnivorous plants I have on my kitchen windowsill into bowls and vases and jars. And I've been admiring them while I do the dishes ever since. They are the perfect plants for these sorts of terrariums because they like boggy conditions. I've had these beautiful old coloured glass fishing floats hanging in the window for a while but I decided that you can never have too much bling. So I relocated a couple of crystals and some stained glass stars and it all looks rather lovely to my eye. Pity about the view of the empty goat block and the neighbour's side wall and that rotten moth vine on the fence that I still haven't pulled out. Oh. And of course the window sill that still hasn't been painted properly. But fortunately my eye at the moment is focusing on the sparkles and colour. I'll eventually get round to the other stuff.


  1. They look really great, but I have a stupid question. I've never had carnivorous plants. Do you have to feed them things?

  2. I was to busy admiring your plants that i didn't even notice the window sill needed a paint. Great way to "dress up" the window, what do the plants eat? flys and spiders? Any movement on the blue stones?

  3. Your terrariums look great - fabulous selection of plants.

  4. Hi Missy, Andrea and Liz. You don't have to feed them anything. Flies and little insects are attracted to them and they apparently only need a feed every so often. I do have ants crawling to them sometimes too. I haven't touched the bluestones but have decided to go with the spiral with herbs and strawberries.

  5. Look happy and pretty, great for winter!


    1. And in the spring, you can clean the window too...then it will look really good. :-)

  6. Your window dressing does look nice, really brings interest to a normally transparent surface. I particularly like the plant in jar hanging by a string. But what do you do about keeping the warmth in at night? We have a blind on our kitchen window and whenever anyone puts something on the sill it ends up in the sink at some point.

  7. I often look at those carnivorous plants and wonder about them, and then leave them alone as I think they are rather creepy. Your do look lovely though, I am glad you don't have to actually catch insects to feed them. we have lots so mosquitoes in the garden - maybe i should plant some out there.

  8. Thanks Alessandra. I need some prettiness to cope with winter.
    Oh Hazel I really didn't even notice how dirty my window was... until now :( Welcome back!
    Jason I have a blind on the window and nothing gets knocked off. I got Monkey Man to make our window sill a bit wider when we were renovating so I could put plants there. So maybe that's why.
    Africanaussie I think you should try some - near a pond would work well.

  9. The "fishbowl" type ones are very nice - very stylish.


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