Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Bit of Sunshine

Ornamental Kale.  Image from here.
Thanks so much to Laura from My House in Africa for nominating this blog for the Sunshine Blog Award. Oh yeah, I want the sunshine. I know I whined a lot last year about winter so I am making a concerted effort not to whinge this time around. I am trying my hardest to embrace all seasons and to focus on the good things about winter. Like having an excuse to be lazy and falling asleep watching mind-numbing TV under a fuzzy blanket in front of a warm fire.

Really, I ought not to complain about winter because so far it's not been too bad. We're still having days like today which are nippy but the sun still shines and I've been getting out into the garden. The other day I even pulled up some weeds. Although mostly I've been going to the garden to look at the poor chooks and hope they're recovering from their mite infestation. I have managed I think to get on top of the pests. Now I just have to keep an eye on Wokee the Puppy who has managed to find her way into their run. Twice this week I've found her with feathers in her mouth cuddling poor Puff. The white fuzzy chooks are particularly tame and will just squat when something comes near them. And Wokee just thinks they are toys or fuzzier puppies.

Anyway, in order to receive a bit of sunshine there are questions to answer. And I really don't want to bore you with un-blog related stuff. So feel free to skip to the end of this post where I recommend a couple of gardening/foodie blogs.

Now for the questions.
1. Favourite Animal - Don't have one. I quite like all animals. Although I don't much like other people's dogs if they're big and smelly and jump up on me with their stinky, hairy paws and drippy tongues.  Or if they're rodents that have found their way to my kitchen bench. I suppose I should say monkey seeing as I have a family of them. Monkey Man's mother always told him that he was the son of an orangutan. That's what inspired his nickname. And he does a pretty good monkey impression.
2. Favourite Number - What?! People have favourite numbers? Nope not me.
3. Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink - I just don't do favourites. But I do drink quite a lot of tea. And I have it ridiculously weak with loads of soy milk. So really it's like a slightly brown cup of warm, beany milk.
4. Facebook or Twitter - Not a fan of either. But I quite like pinterest. But only if I skip quickly to the pinners I follow or to the gardening bit. Some of pinterest just makes me cranky.
5. My Passion - At the moment I'm enjoying: feast-making, gardening, reading, yoga (actually I've been very slack with this one lately), singing, photography, crochet, making a family cookbook...
6. Getting or Giving - Both. Love thinking of the perfect gift for someone and the happiness it brings. But getting is nice too. In fact today my Monkey Man gave me a lovey dovey necklace with "I love you" written in a heap of different languages. And that made me very happy. But before you all go swooning over what a perfect Monkey Man I have, I ought to tell you that it was our anniversary. Yesterday. And yes he did forget. But has made up for it today.
7. Favourite Pattern - Oh no I can't follow a pattern. In fact my year 8 needlework teacher spent every class sighing and telling me to unpick whatever I'd just done.
8. Favourite Day of the Week - I like most days and don't have a favourite. But I do like Thursdays because I don't have to work and am home alone. I also like Saturday afternoons because I'll have just got home from work and feel a sense of achievement and exhaustion and have the rest of the day to muck about with the family. Or loll about for an hour or so reading the trashy magazine inserts in the weekend paper.
9. Favourite Flower - Hmm. Tulip? But I can't manage to grow them. So maybe iris - because they're purple. Although today at the market I saw ornamental kale which I was very much taken by.
10. Favourite Country. I just don't do favourites. And nationalism freaks me out.

Now you're supposed to nominate 10 blogs to send some sun their way. But as I've been rebellious with my other answers I'm being rebellious with this one too. Here are five blogs that I'm nominating for my award. I read lots of blogs at the moment and these ones I never miss. So, if you don't have too much on your reading list you should check them out.

I thought I'd send some sunshine lovin' right back to Laura. Her blog has helped me get hooked on crochet. But she has other crafty, foody, kiddie things there too.  Zucchini Island. Jason is trying to grow 80% of his own food which I think is fantastic. Suburban Tomato is from Melbourne so I just need to see what she's growing and know if I'm timing my things right. And I'm loving her top 5 lists. Alison from Melbourne Seasonal Eating has delicious seasonal recipes. And she tells a good yarn to go along with them. And Mrs Bok is fun. I met her last year at the Melbourne Bloggers Meet up and discovered that she's a nice person in real life too!

Anyway, I thought I was the rule-abiding type until I sat down to follow these rules and answer these questions and I found myself not doing everything properly. And instead I kept thinking of that Tim Minchin skit when he's answering the "guilty pleasure" questions for a newspaper. But probably 98% of you don't know what I'm talking about. And I couldn't find the skit on youtube to put it in context. So you'll have to make do with this - my favourite Tim Minchin song which is very cool - if you're not afraid of a little filthy language. See. I can do favourites!


  1. Congratulations on your award and well-deserved! Loved your responses, too.

    I agree with your comments on Suburban Tomato - Liz is engaging, knowledgeable, interesting and responsive - what more could you ask for?

    By the way, you are freaking me out with your chook mites! I'm looking as closely as I can at my two girls - but they are skittish and difficult to catch and inspect. I'm hoping that as their coop is fairly new, nothing has infested it, yet. Aarrgghh! Why is nothing easy??

    1. Thank you Nina - I'm blushing....

  2. Your responses to the Award questions are so like you (as far as I can gather from this far away). Reliably unconventional, I'd say! :)

  3. Thanks for the Sunshine - It made my day! I too have a tendency to not follow the rules properly so I'm not sure if I will do a Sunshine post - if I can think a of good number I might....but then I'll probably over think which blogs to include and abandon the idea half way through. Either way though - Thankyou - I do very much appreciate it.


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