Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmasy Smells

Cosmos Mocha
The other day I went to my local big barn hardware store to purchase a living Christmas tree. Of course in the back of my head I knew I would have a little looksie through the rest of the plants and might just get myself some flowers for a basket out the bathroom window. Anyway, I came across this cosmos mocha plant for which I have had a hankering for many months. But I've never clapped eyes on a real live one. This plant smells like chocolate. No joke. Not a strong smell mind you, but nevertheless there is a smell of chocolate.

So I snapped it up and planted it that afternoon in my garden. That night I had some friends come over with their kids. And I got very excited to take them all out to the garden to have a sniff. Littlest Monkey has a strong sense of smell and is rather particular about what he likes. So I was really hoping to surprise him. I led them out to the plant and commanded that they all get down on their knees, sniff and tell me what they smelt. There were a few moments of quiet apart from the sniffing. The adults looked a little quizzically at each other. But there was no holding back with the kids:

"It smells like poo"

At first I thought they were just being kids making the usual oh-so-funny poo jokes. But then the adults agreed that it did indeed smell like poo.

And then I remembered that I had lovingly prepared that flower bed beforehand with a pile of pelletised chook poo. And I can confirm that the unpleasant smell of chook poop is quite a bit stronger than the faint chocolatey aroma from a cosmos mocha.


  1. Great story - I have had similar experiences with fish fertiliser.....

  2. Oh how funny - it is a really pretty color - I hope the chook poo smell goes away soon.

  3. I'm linking two of your topics. This 'stinky' one and the whitefly one. I had dreadful problems with whitefly last year and wanted to be well-armed (not sure that I am, but I'm trying!)this year.

    I found a naturally-based spray called 'Beat-a-Bug'. Its main ingredients are garlic and chilli. And boy, does it stink! But it seems more effective than straight pyrethrum sprays (it has some of that in it, too).

    The blurb says ' a naturally based pesticide spray and plant food which has a fourway action that promotes the growth of plants and kills/repels/irritates a wide range of insect pests, especially small sucking insects (damned whitefly!!) and leaf eating insects....'.

    I can't remember if I got it from the big green shed or my local hardware shop. I can't remember how much it cost, either. Whiteflies are insidious and so tiny it's hard to get them all but I'm having more luck with this spray than others (so far).

    1. This bit dropped off my post:

      Maybe a home-made garlic and chilli spray is an option? I might have to google a recipe!

    2. Hey Nina, thanks for your advice with the stinky beat-a-bug. I'll keep it in my memory bank. I'm now having success with my whitefly using eco oil - to kill the adults and neem oil which works on the lavae. Both organic. Neem oil doesn't affect ladybirds and bees only the leaf munchers. It is working but needs repeated applications.

  4. Ha ha! Though these days, coz I love gardening so much, I find animal manure to be a nice smell! My kids are fascinated by the chocolate lillies that we have in the bush. They're subtle too.


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