Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Location Location Location.

Garlic curing in the garden shed
Finally, garlic success. For the past few years I've had no luck at all. Teeny bulbs, rotten bulbs or miniscule amounts. But this year I got it right. I've been reading about other people's garlic on their blogs and there are some interesting analyses going on out there (read Liz's post at Suburban Tomato). So you may ask what insights I have. What expert tricks have I cottoned onto to share with you all? Well, I think it was the location. I finally chose a bed that gets sun all through the winter. That's it. Pretty obvious I'd say now but it took me a while to catch on.

So now I have a year's supply of garlic hanging in the shed to cure for a couple of weeks. And then I will give it the beauty treatment - brush it and trim it and attempt to braid it.

And like a real estate agent I have already scouted next year's bed and will be wacking the garlic in full sun there come winter. Location. Location. Location.


  1. Thanks for the tip VG,I don't have luck with it at all. :)

  2. Yes, it will be interesting to see whether you get a good crop next year as well, now that you have identified what works best for you in terms of location. I find that lots of veggies will all be vying for the "best" location - so some of them have to be unlucky. My garden gets nowhere near enough sun. (Same could be said for the whole of the UK though!)

  3. Yoo Hoo! Fantastic, well done. I am scarfed of garlic but my new next door but one in the bush, those on the other side of the national park to me, have grown FABULOUS enormous headed garlic, Monaro Purple - I have to seek out the supplier. Inspired by their success and your observation, I am buoyed!

  4. Well done you! Garlic has alluded us this year, will have to follow your advice VG. Yours looks fab. cheers Wendy

  5. Totally agreed, i am too having a fail crop this year due to the no winter sun location planting, then the black aphids made a good feast on it despite the oil sprays.

  6. Wonderful that you've had success! Did you grow the one from New Gippsland? If so it stores pretty well - that variety stored for me all year in plaits in my laundry. Its great to have something work isn't it?

    1. Yes thanks for the suggestion Liz, they were the New Gippsland ones.

  7. Congrats on your garlic harvest, I'd be interested to know what type you grew too.

  8. Oh Andrea I can't remember! One was purple and one white- is that ant help?!


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