Saturday, January 12, 2013

Garden Bling & Bathroom Bling

About 12 months ago I was talking to my friend about what I would do in the bathroom when the plastering and painting and tiling and panelling around the bath was finally finished. I would get a chandelier. In my opinion you can never have too much bling in a bathroom. Or a garden. Anyway a little while later she found me a chandelier in a 2nd hand shop and for a rather cheap price. One of the lamps was broken and it was missing some crystals but Monkey Man assured me that he could fix it.

Anyway,  many months later we managed to finish the plastering and the painting (not the tiling and panelling but hey it's only been 10 years in the waiting). But when it came time for my chandelier to be hung in the finally painted bathroom Monkey Man found that fixing it was fiddly and time consuming and parts were hard to come by. So I decided to make my own.

First I raided the shed and had a look Monkey Man's box of old stuff. And then I took off the crystals and made this bird nest concoction from old fencing wire, a rusty chain and a couple of other old bits and pieces. My other friend has named it "The Angry Bird Nest".
Chandelier made with old fencing wire
So now that my bathroom is appropriately blingy, I have decided to hang the other bit of chandelier on a tree for the birds for a bit of outdoorsy bling. I've been putting out water bowls for the birds for a long time but I'm not quite sure that I ought to be feeding the birds.

That was until I re-located Wokee's food outside and discovered a procession of birds line up for a feed throughout the day. Birds it seems like dog food too.

So I  think I might start putting some seed in this chandelier for the birds. 
Chandelier bird feeder
Anyway I reckon both my chandeliers look pretty good. But evidently Mr P. doesn't. He came by to collect some lemons the other day and was confused and cross that I would hang a chandelier in a tree outside. Then when I showed him my bathroom chandelier he exclaimed "Oh Santa Maria.." and some other Italian stuff which I'm guessing wasn't too complimentary.
Oi Wokee! Eat your food before the birds do!


  1. I love Italian swear words....and your chandelier is, well, lets just say....interesting???

  2. I can't think of anything (tactful) to say, other than perhaps "Santa Maria!" but I do reckon that chandelier is a bit more upmarket than most bird-feeders!

  3. I love Mr P! I wish I had my own Mr P next door. Good on you for blinging where you felt the need!

  4. I swear that we have the same Italian neighbour. Mine is called Mr C and he comes into our garden despairing of what we do. "What is this?" is a favourite phrase of his.

    I love the bird/garden bling. Most fetching.

  5. Your chandi's are certainly different,but heh who wants to be like everyone else. I love hearing about Mr P. and your little furry friend is so cute.:)

  6. Well I like both your chandaliers VG! I think you are very inventive. enjoy! cheers Wendy

  7. I rather like the chandelier. I think it could easily (and stylishly) double as a costume jewellery holder. You would have an everchanging chandelier depending on what you chose to wear that day!

    Ohhhhhhhhh your renovations have taken 10 years and counting? I feeeel your paaaaaaaaain! I have been living with a half painted staircase for 6 years now.... K has promised to finish it soon.... my fault too though- always something more exciting to do in the garden than mix paint in the stairwell!


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