Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Glass for the Garden

A few weeks ago I hinted that I have a new obsession hobby. Well I am ready for the big reveal.
Here is me last night melting glass. Yep I have set up a home studio and have hooked up an oxygen concentrator and a gas tank and am nervously working with fire.

I linked up with an ex-student on facebook because I kept seeing her lovely postings of glass that I had become interested in. Over 20 years ago I taught her music when she was in high school. And now she has become my friend and our roles have been reversed - she has volunteered her time and has been teaching me lampwork. And as a thank you I will be teaching her children drama. I must say I have not really been a huge fan of facebook but in this case it has been terrific.

Now you may be wondering why veggiegobbler is blogging about melting glass - nothing at all to do with the garden or cooking stuff from the garden. Aaaah but I have plans. Glass plans for the garden. If I can keep practising and progress from these my first few wonky beads... some point in the near future I'm hoping to make some garden creations. In this snap below are some creations from last night that are waiting for me to attempt to wrench them from their mandrels. And if you look closely at the first one, you might get an idea of my plans.
If you are at all interested in goth, steam punk inspired jewellery, my lovely teacher-friend has an etsy site here.


  1. Such a lovely thing to do, my mum did it a few years back and just loved it.

  2. My neighbour makes the most awesome beads. I look forward to seeing some of your creations. i can just see that turquoise one twirling in the wind...

  3. Your glass is beautiful and i'm looking forward to you posting on your garden creations. My mum collects glass art (mostly paperweights) - I love how colour and texture works in glass. I've got to ask though what is Steampunk. Goth I know but Steampunk is a new one on me - so little subcultures so little time....

    1. Well I'm not entirely sure that I know much about it... I have seen some artwork that was called steampunk. It's an arts movement based on 19th century technology. So for example I've seen used an old bit of machinery incorporated into a lampshade. Anyway, I just consulted Monkey Man and he reckons it was precipitated by looming peak oil crisis and the idea that we'd be returning to in many ways to 19thC technology.

  4. Ooh, I can't wait to see what your garden creations are going to be!


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