Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snapshots from the Melbourne Garden & Flower Show

Last week I went to the Melbourne International Garden & Flower Show.  Here are a few snaps of things that inspired me.

Now that is a hanging basket. I never think to fill a hanging basket with loads of different flowers. Mine start off good and then develop to a few half dead sticks. 
One day, maybe when I'm a nana, I will learn to grow orchids.

This is something I am aspiring to - loads of flowers. I especially love the cone flowers.
I wouldn't actually like this in my garden but it is kinda cool.

I really like this upcycling garden idea.

And this one. We have an old loo that I've been thinking of doing a bit of mosaic on and using as a feature in the garden.
This was a whole bunch of plastic drink bottles that had been filled with a little coloured water. If it had been a sunny day it would have been making a bunch of lovely reflected colours everywhere. And I suppose it'd be quite warm as well as colourful in this sitting spot. But I couldn't stand to look at those horrid plastic bottles in a garden.
I'd love a pergola at our place. And I love the garden shelves here with plants on them. And the lights. Of course we'll never manage anything nearly as fancy at our place but it's nice to dream.


  1. Lovely inspiration. I must go to Garden show next year. I particularly like those garden shelves, perhaps a scaled down version made out of pallets to sit on my fence is in order.

  2. I missed it this year, its very commercial but still so much good stuff to take away. I always love standing in the exhibition building, so beautiful.

  3. I so wanted to go, but with the flight and accommodation to much money at the moment, looks like you had a great time.

  4. Interesting stuff. I have to say though that I am not a great fan of "hardware" in my garden. I like to keep it pretty simple and make the plants be the main attraction, not bits of wood and steel. did they have nay veg on display? Any new and exciting varieties of tomato or suchlike?

    1. Not really Mark. As Kirsty said it's pretty commercial there were some veg stall holders but nothing I hadn't seen before regarding veg & stuff. But I do love it cos I get ideas for garden design. And I really don't know much about flowers and so tht always interests me. Oh and there's a stall that has lots of orchids and carnivorous plants and airplants. That's my favourite.

  5. That garden bedroom is so awesome.

  6. Thank you for sharing and bringing us along. Many great ideas there.

  7. While we were on holiday we checked it out and I really liked some of the display gardens. It was very commercial but I guess that is how they afford to hold the event.


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