Monday, April 8, 2013

Five Broody Chooks

Last week every single one of my chooks was broody.  Three of them squished into the two nesting boxes and two sitting nearby doing nothing all day and all night. Silkies I'm afraid are notorious for going broody. But usually I have one sitting about wanting to be a mum not all five. 

Anyway, I've heard all about cures for broodiness but I tend to just let them be. I've found that eventually they get bored and come out to play. But after the fourth day I got fed up with them. So I moved their food and drink outside, kicked them out of the coop and locked the door. Boy did they get cross.

There was a fair bit of bokking and pacing and looking rather put out. And then they got a bit cranky with each other. If Golden Girl got too close to Puff she'd get a peck and a chase about. And then Fluff wanted a bit of the action and she started to squawk and chase and peck Beverley. But I didn't have too much sympathy for them considering they'd forced me to go buy a dozen eggs down the shops. And I kept them locked out of their coop for the entire day.

But it worked.

At least for three of them.

The next day Fluff, Puff and Beverley decided it was more fun outside scratching about. So now I only have two broody chooks. Still no eggs but at least three of them are seeing some daylight.


  1. Ha ha! Love your post! My Wyandotte goes broody often. Once she lasted 3 weeks! She must be due again soon to go :) I haven't had to buy eggs yet, poor you!

  2. haha so funny! I have had one chook sit 3 times this summer and for weeks and weeks on end. I literally have to pull her out of the nesting box so she can eat! She is a sussex so not sure of their nesting/broodiness in comparison but I have heard that silkies and bantoms are very clucky!

    1. Light Sussex are notorious broodies :-)

  3. silly buggers.....Ive never had the breeds of chickens that go broody....and I despise buying eggs, I really do.

  4. I don't think my chicks are of a type that are prone to broodiness but I don't really know. Pleasing that the attention of most was sensibly redirected. Wish it worked quite that quickly with whiney children...

  5. Wow, how frustrating. Good to hear a little firm handling has brought them around. I love silkies and was tempted to get some myself. In our family we call them hobo chickens...

  6. That would have been so funny with all 5 broody. You have to wonder what goes on in their tiny little brains sometimes. Hopefully they will go back to laying now.

  7. Three in one box is hardcore broodiness! Here's hoping they get over it quickly as buying chook food AND eggs sucks, huh?


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