Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garden Gobbles

There's not much producing in the garden at the moment. Although I'm still getting Summer stuff - beans, chillis, basil. And I've got green capsicums. I wonder if they'll ever turn red? I really am not keen on green capsicum.

Anyway, today's garden gobbles is a bit lame I'm afraid. I sometimes make a vegetarian sausage stew - you know those veggie sausages you can buy in the supermarket? Well I let them simmer away with a tin of tomatoes and other veggies and serve it all with rice. Our whole family likes veggie sausage stew. Well the next day I ate the leftovers but I made it with some zing - chilli. And I bulked it up by chucking in a handful of yellow beans. So that's what I'm presenting for today's garden gobbles... leftovers. Hopefully next week I can manage something a bit more inspiring.


  1. There's a lot to be said for leftovers I think. Some of my favourite meals are left overs - any number of rice dishes, curry which is often better the next day, and soup (I always make too much purely to ensure I have leftovers). Plus its far better than wasting it.

  2. Sure looks good for leftovers. We eat a lot of leftovers here, it saves a lot of work. And as Liz said, some things are better with a little age.

  3. Yum, nothing wrong with leftovers especially when they're the stew type foods which only improve. I must start photographing garden meals again, I've been too lazy lately!

  4. Looks very yummy. Actually leftovers taste better as they get the time to absorp all the spices/fluids.

  5. Sounds like our gardens are at similar stages - in transition from summer to winter. I don't like green caps either. Wasn't until I started growing them that I realised red and green are the same variety. I now know why the green ones are cheaper in the store.


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